Serving Counter Equipment

Why Choosing the Right Serving Line is Good Business

While aesthetics and functionality are always top of mind when considering a new serving line solution, it’s important that operators also consider the business angle of this decision. In this article, we’ll look at modular serving lines and custom serving lines through the lens of how each option could affect an operator’s bottom line now…

Touchless Tech Serves Up Profits

At the onset of COVID-19, many foodservice operations swapped their traditional self-serve condiment stations for condiment packets.

How To Choose a Safety Barrier for Your Business

Safety barriers might be see-through, but they prominently display an operator's attention to safety.

Investing in Smarter Equipment Tackles Operator Challenges

In 2019, over half of restauranteurs said that high operating and food costs were their top challenges, both of which put the squeeze on profitability.

My Equipment Wishlist: A Smart Countertop

Mark Freeman envisions a serving counter for the future.

How to Spec Custom Serving Counters

Tips you should know to get custom serving counters in any configuration with shorter lead times.

5 Types of Countertops and How to Choose the Right One

The countertops on your serving counters are more than just a pretty surface.

Salata’s Custom-Designed Beverage Tap System Keeps Drinks at Perfect Temperature

Salata relied on everyday tea urns placed on serving counters before introducing the new system.

Electrolux Acquires Espresso Machine Maker Unic

Strengthening and expanding its professional beverage line

Equipping for Charcuterie

Use this checklist when equipping clients for a charcuterie program

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