5 Reasons Every Kitchen Needs a Cook & Hold Oven

Alto-Shaam produces cook and hold ovens and more.
Alto-Shaam produces cook and hold ovens and more.

With the challenges of labor, space and the demand for high-quality food only increasing — every kitchen can utilize a low-temperature Cook & Hold oven.

Designed for built-in savings, these ovens provide a labor-free cooking solution to significantly lower costs and increase yields.

Here are the top five ways any foodservice operation can benefit from the latest Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold ovens.


When it comes to production versatility, Cook & Hold ovens offer the best of both worlds, preparing foods slowly for better results and maximum yields while holding cooked foods safely until serving.

With today’s high food costs, the increased profits of an extra two pounds of product can be substantial over time. With Halo Heat® technology, Alto-Shaam’s Cook & Hold ovens evenly and consistently radiate heat to significantly improve yields by 15 to 20 percent compared to conventional cooking technologies that use fans or calrods. Operators can serve more portions from the same cut of meat to increase profit margins.


Another big plus is that the latest Cook & Hold ovens take pressure off staff by alleviating workloads, with simplified operation and the ability to cook and hold overnight.

The new ovens feature Alto-Shaam’s most advanced control yet. Programmable, user-friendly controls allow operators to reduce training time and ensure consistency with each cook.

Further, operators can seamlessly create, manage and distribute recipes to ovens in multiple locations with ChefLinc™, a cloud-based remote oven management system. This provides foodservice operators – and especially those with several sites all demanding the same food quality – complete control of their equipment, menus and business from wherever they are.


Powered by gentle, efficient Halo Heat technology, Cook & Hold ovens offer built-in savings, costing less than $2 per day to operate. Unlike other ovens, which utilize a fan and calrod heating elements, Alto-Shaam’s Cook & Hold ovens use an insulated radiant cable that wraps around the unit to evenly and consistently radiate heat.

“The benefit of radiant heating is it’s more gentle, there is less temperature fluctuation in the box, and it provides more precise cooking and holding with lower energy draw,” said Simmelink.

Another advantage of Cook & Hold ovens is that, due to using lower heat, these units don’t require a hood or ventilation.

“As a result, these ovens can be located anywhere in the kitchen, maximizing space,” Simmelink said. “And operators don’t have to deal with extending hoods, which saves up to $30 a day in hood operating costs. The return on investment for Cook & Hold ovens is evident just in the hood reduction alone.”

For further savings, Cook & Hold ovens feature a waterless design that reduces installation and operating costs with no plumbing, drains, filtration or associated maintenance.


Conventional cooking methods use harsh heat sources, like fans and calrods, that dry out food and are unable to maintain precise temperatures. Not to mention, these methods distribute heat unevenly, resulting in an inconsistent cook and the need for employees to babysit the oven, grill or stovetop.

That’s what makes Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold ovens so valuable to professional foodservice operations. Compared to conventional cooking methods and other low-temperature ovens, Cook & Hold ovens with Halo Heat technology deliver higher yields and better food quality.

“Food can’t be held extensively in a traditional oven, or it will overcook,” said Robert Simmelink, senior corporate executive chef at Alto-Shaam. “The benefit of Cook & Hold ovens is food can be held for long periods at proper temperatures prior to serving.”

Food is cooked gently and evenly. And because there is no harsh heat, forced air, or added humidity to degrade food quality, less product is wasted. This is especially true with proteins, which retain their moisture and are naturally tenderized, preserving and maximizing food quality.


While Cook & Hold ovens are most commonly used for roasting and braising, these units are versatile and can prepare a variety of items from prime rib to cheesecakes and stocks. The oven can be used to bake, roast, braise, sous vide, proof, ferment and hold, among other things.

Halo Heat technology provides very little swing in temperatures. Without forced convection air blowing over the food, operators can cook a variety of items evenly and consistently. Cook & Hold ovens can also alleviate other pieces of equipment, allowing operators to effortlessly execute longer cook items, like stocks and braises, with set-and-forget controls. This frees up burners and other ovens.

With a variety of sizes and options available, any kitchen can expand their menus, while maximizing production, yields, and food quality–and reducing labor with the latest Cook & Hold ovens.

To discover the unique benefits and savings opportunities of an Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold oven, talk to an expert today.


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