PRODUCTS: December 2016

Following its market research and focusing on freshness—while also looking to replace microwaves as its primary egg-cooking source—Einstein Bros Bagels turned to Antunes, which was on a national roll-out of its own Egg Station. “We looked at many other ways of cooking eggs in the store,” says D.J. Lonergan, CEC, Research and Development Chef for Einstein ( “But until the Antunes Egg Station came along, there wasn’t that combination of elevated quality and speed of service.” The unit uses steam and heat to cook both shelled eggs and liquid eggs for the chain’s variety of egg sandwiches. The ventless, small-footprint countertop cooker fits perfectly in Einstein’s back-of-house operation, which also infl uenced the decision to switch. “It creates a focused area for us to make eggs rather than being spread out,” says Chef Lonergan. Based on operator feedback, Antunes customized the Egg Station to meet Einstein’s needs; for example, it modifi ed the timing and the sound and level of the audio timer to better differentiate from other kitchen equipment. “Our team members really got behind it and were excited to use it. When you walk into a store and you see them making eggs, you can tell they have a lot of pride in the Egg Station,” adds Chef Lonergan.

Rational has debuted the SelfCookingCenter XS Model 6 2/3, the latest addition to the company’s family of compact-size products, which also includes the XS Model 61. At about 25 3/4-in.W x 21 7/8-in.D x 22 1/3-in.H, the XS Model 6 2/3 opens the door to new business opportunities for delis, c-stores or smaller restaurants. The combi features an integrated fresh steam generator; the 100% hygienic fresh steam guarantees maximum steam saturation, even at low temperatures. Plus, the unit automatically descales the steam generator during the cleaning process, reducing the need for expensive water-softening measures. Meanwhile, Rational has launched its next-generation SelfCookingCenter line with multiple enhancements, including LED lighting, energy consumption displays and blinking light signals to indicate when to load/unload trays.

It’s hard to say what will excite customers more about the A1000 coffee system: the sleek Swiss design with a crystal-clear 10.4-in. touchscreen multimedia display or the premium coffee offered in 6 flavors mixed with up to 2 types of refrigerated milk frothed up with the FoamMaster to perfection. End-users, however, will appreciate the standard CleanMaster fully automatic refrigeration cleaning system and the unit’s Internet accessibility for following sales figures and other data.
Franke Coffee Systems

Thermalloy 3-Ply Stainless Steel Roast Pans and 2-Ply Aluminum Fry Pans have earned the American Culinary Federation’s Seal of Approval after rigorous and varied testing in boiling, frying, sautéing, braising and baking situations. Consistency of physical performance, performance across various cooking methods and the validity and accuracy of product claims were just a sample of criteria used in the selection.
Browne Foodservice

With customers lining up for a variety of frozen beverages, the FETCO by ELEMCO frozen granita machine provides a lineup of granitas, slushies, iced coffees and iced teas to meet this growing trend. The state-of-the-art, self-serve equipment is available in single, dual and triple 3.2-gal. dispensers with horizontal and vertical augers to ensure freshness. The seal-less design minimizes cleaning and maintenance.

The 8148D prep table has 2 cooled pan rails that operate independently of each other as well as the base shelf to ensure proper temperatures in all 3 zones. Shut off the rails to maximize energy savings overnight while storing food product in the unit base or separate walk-in. Oversized drains simplify cleanup, while pressfit gaskets ease preventive maintenance and replacement without tools.
Randell/Unified Brands

Rolling with changes in style, and setting trends, the Evolution Collection from American Metalcraft includes 7-qt. round and 9-qt. rectangular chafers with slow-release, see-thru lids. Pair these with the 12-qt. juice dispenser that has a polycarbonate body and offset ice reservoir as well as the 12-qt. coffee urn with a high-quality faucet and fuel holder. Seventeen different buffetware pieces make up the collection.
American Metalcraft

Restaurant Technologies has published an infographic called “Basket Case: How to Defeat the Six Enemies of Oil,” which visually explains the threat and prevention methods of factors that negatively impact fried foods. Readers can learn how to properly maintain oil and how to minimize the effects of oxygen, salt, soap, heat, carbon buildup and water.
Restaurant Technologies

The O3-Matic produces a small amount of ozone that is frozen into the outer layer of cube ice that is then released into the ice bin as the ice slowly melts. The ozone sanitizes and retards microbial growth to minimize mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses and to increase intervals between sanitizing. All without additional chemicals that can alter taste. An LED indicator light signals for cartridge replacement and system function.
Ice-O-Matic/Ali Group

Adding a colorful twist to an everyday task, these vegetable and fruit peelers come in 3 trendy colors: black, red and turquoise. The comfortable handle minimizes fatigue while the serrated cutting edges glide smoothly through potato skins, kiwi rinds and other thick fruit and vegetable layers.
Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co.

Made from seamless, 1-piece-formed iron, pre-seasoned AUS-ION low-carbon steel cookware is half the weight of traditional cast iron. The pans provide fast, even heating across the surface, while the cool, vented handle dissipates heat, keeping it safe to touch. The collection is available in 2 sizes of skillets, a crepe/ griddle pan, a long-handle saute-use bombée/wok and a dual-handle wok.
NewMetro Design

This food storage container features a food-handling information template that is permanently embedded during the molding process of the pan. Use nontoxic liquid resistant wax pencils to write directly on the pan over the template. Instead of switching labels, wipe off the writing with a clean cloth. The embedded templates—which can be customized to permanently include specific information, graphics and logos—eliminate the labor, materials and expense of conventional paper food storage labels.
Ecomarks Plastics

Taking a proactive approach to keeping floors clean, the Cintas Active Scraper floor mat has flexible blades that move when walked over to scrape particles, dirt, debris and grime off shoes. Deep channels and drainage holes incorporated into the mat help keep dirt and moisture away from shoes.
Cintas Corp.

How long do your staff members wash their hands? The SaniTimer provides a water-activated handwashing timer that counts down 30 sec. to allow sufficient time to lather, scrub and rinse before an audible signal sounds the end. The battery-operated device quickly and easily attaches to faucets.

Operators who service off-site locations with valuable equipment can keep tabs on their assets and inventory using IntelliTrack’s Real-Time Locating System (RTLS). The cloud-based application lets you identify the location and temperature of objects as well as reference detailed logs of when and who moved them. The turnkey solution includes beacons, readers, apps and software to automatically track items.

Four new patterns join this Retro Collection of dinnerware. Jet Spray Maroon and Jet Spray Mocha have a wide, colorful band around the edge that fades toward the center. Pinwheels dishes include black and light-blue polka dots, and Golden Ambrosia pieces feature a tan and golden ray pattern. The durable ivory body dinnerware comes coated with a high-fire, lead-free glaze for optimal heat retention and a heavy-gauge, high-Alphalain coating for strength and resistance.
Homer Laughlin China Co.

Minimizing risks and costs while maximizing efficiency and safety is the target of the Smart Oil Management systems. For fresh oil, the EZ Oil system stores and manages oil from boxes placed upside-down on racks for complete emptying directly into the fryer at the push of a button. Waste oil also is direct-plumbed from the fryer into a secure stainless containment tank inside or outside the facility. The modular, customizable equipment fits any space and eliminates the need to directly handle oil.
Frontline Int’l.



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HostMilano Kicks Off in Italy

HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

Oil’s Sweet Spot: How to Get There and Maintain It

Like many in the world of foodservice, you may assume that cooking oil performance is at its peak when you first start using it — but did you know there...

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