PRODUCTS: March 2017

When Nathan Monroe and Robbie Mathisen were creating Pour Bros. Taproom, Peoria Heights, Ill., they were looking for ways to set the place apart from the competition. “We wanted to do something that hadn’t been seen anywhere; we came across iPourIt Self-Serve Beverage Dispense Technology on the internet and fell in love with the idea,” Monroe says. iPourIt allows guests to pour their own beer at the Pour Wall. When a customer enters the place, a staff member swipes their driver’s license, credit card and an iPourIt RFID wristband at the management workstation. The staff member places the wristband on the customer, and the customer’s free to start pouring beer from the wall. Interactive tablets sit above each tap. (Pour Bros. offers a 16-tap system.) The wristband tells the management server which customer is pouring beer and calculates their tab automatically (in 1-oz. increments, so tasting is encouraged). iPourIt often pairs its technology with Micro Matic USA for designing, installing and servicing the beer-dispensing equipment portion of a project. “iPourIt is a traffic driver and it saves labor,” Monroe says. “We have a full-service bar too where we hand-cut fruit every day and fresh squeeze juices. We make our own syrups and bitters. So, this was way to take stress off the bartenders who would otherwise be pouring hundreds of draft beers a night. It was a win-win all the way around.”
iPourIt Inc.

The Fire-N-Ice Cube transport cabinet can accommodate both dry-ice for holding cold foods for up to 12 hr. and canned fuel for holding hot foods. Fully insulated, it keeps prepared foods at proper serving temperatures for hours easily and affordably. It can hold up to 22 steam table pans or 11 sheet pans. Heavy duty 8-in. pneumatic, never-fl at casters ensure smooth transport. Vinyl graphics provide a customized look.
Cres Cor

BioHiTech’s Revolution Series Digesters are compact, cost-effective onsite technology solutions for low-volume food waste generators; they’re ideal for full- and quick-service restaurants, small groceries and natural food stores, healthcare and nursing homes and diners. At a processing cost less than traditional disposal costs, no upfront costs, and remote access to real-time waste data, these digesters help retail food businesses become more profitable, efficient and sustainable.

Alto-Shaam’s new line of heated shelf merchandisers incorporate Halo Heat fanless technology for precise, even temperature control of individual shelves for flexibility when displaying a variety of grab-and-go hot meal options. The displays have LED-lighted shelves and glass sides for optimal visibility and are simple to operate and clean. Countertop (24- and 36-in. widths) and fl oor-standing (24-, 36- and 48-in. widths) are available.

The High Heat X-Pan line of food pans is designed to handle a wide range of temperatures (-40°F-373°F), from prep to cooler to oven to hot-holding applications and steam tables for expanded functionality with minimal handling. Offered in sandstone and onyx colors to compliment food, the pans are available in full, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, and 1/9 sizes. Drain shelves, colander pans and pan lids also are available.

General Coffee Percolators are offered in 6½-, 12- and 15-liter sizes for high-volume brewing needs. All stainless units feature a sight glass, an easy-to-use illuminated on/off electric switch and convenient carrying handles. An indicator light signals when the brewing is complete as well as when the unit has sediment buildup and requires cleaning.
General/Legacy Cos.

The Salvajor ARSS and ARSS-LD control panels are available with patented operator sensor technology. In Water Saver Mode, the sensor detects when the operator leaves or returns to the work area and adjusts water flow accordingly. The disposer will power off entirely if the operator doesn’t return before the adjustable run time expires.

Hatco’s Rapide Cuisine Built-In Induction Range mounts flush with the countertop for a sleek, seamless look. The Magnetic Power System delivers the highest power in its class to take induction cooking to the next level. The range is designed and built to handle the rigors of commercial foodservice use.
Hatco Corp.

Strong and sturdy, the Enclosed Base Beverage Table features stainless sides, back and shelves that are welded to form a single rigid structure; even the stainless, 12-in.D, drawn sink bowl is welded to the top. Stainless legs include 1½-in. adjustable hex feet. The top and all exposed surfaces are mechanically polished to a satin fi nish and are sound deadened. Front hinge door and open back under the sink area ease plumbing installation.
Advance Tabco

The EnviroPure self-contained food waste disposal system is now offered in 6 new standard sizes for more convenient ordering, delivery and installation. Plus, standardization means units are in stock for faster delivery, and the installation costs are included in the unit price. The units, which break down food waste in 24 hr. through mechanical processing and aerobic decomposition into grey-water byproduct, are optimized for kitchens serving 900 to 6,000 meals per day and can handle 300 to 2,000 lb. of daily food waste.
EnviroPure Systems

Delfield’s new Coolscapes upright refrigerators and freezers feature the environmentally friendly GreenGenius hydrocarbon refrigeration system that maximizes refrigeration efficiency and energy savings. The top-mount refrigeration keeps the heat up and out of the food zone. Other features include smart door hinges that auto close up to 90° and stay open past 90°, standard LED interior lighting, ABS interior door liner and easy-to-remove gaskets and epoxy-coated shelves on easily adjusted pilasters.

The reinforced 48-in.W B110 slopefront ice storage bin is identical to the B100 model except that the B110 can support any of Ice-OMatic’s 30-in.W ice heads without the need for a KBT5 ice bin top. This functionality saves on installation time, simplifies bin sanitation and saves money. Also, the filler panels that cover the 9-in. openings on either side of the machine are NSF certified and can be easily removed to clean the inside of the bin.
Ice-O-Matic/Ali Group

A high-performance alternative to a standard flattop griddle, the Wood Stone Gas Plancha brings the power and caramelization capability of a gas charbroiler to a direct-contact cooking surface. The highly engineered Plancha delivers heat when and where it’s needed with 4 thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones to support a range of cooking temperatures simultaneously. The Gas Plancha features a small 48-in.W x 36-in.D footprint with a 48-in.W x 24-in.D cooking surface.
Wood Stone Corp.

Structural Concepts has introduced a line of frameless vertical glass display cases that feature clean lines and no frames to showcase the beauty of the food inside. They include a patent-pending glass design that supports safe food temperatures without condensation on the glass. A variety of glass heights, number of shelves and sizes are available in the new Emerge and Reveal models. Refrigerated, non-refrigerated and combination style cases are available.
Structural Concepts

Eagle’s new Bottle Coolers are here to serve! Positive airflow cools bottles on top first, and the painted aluminum interior keeps them cold for a long time. The self-contained refrigeration system maintains temperatures between 33°F-38°F. Also, the stationary side of the stainless top, with ½-in. edge, doubles as a countertop. The other half features 2 individual lockable stainless slide covers. Use the removable bottle openers and cap catchers for added convenience.
Eagle Group

The 130-lb.-dough-capacity GSM130 and the 175-lb. GSM175 spiral dough floor mixers are designed for bakeries, pizzerias and other large operations interested in gently developing the proper gluten structure of their dough without overworking it. Each has front-mounted dual 20-min. electronic timer controls for automatic shifting from first (104 rpm) to second (208 rpm) speed and reversible bowl drive for smaller batches.
Globe Food Equipment Co.

Keep energy costs from going up the flue with the EcoAzur Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation system, which boosts ventilation flow when it detects fumes, steam or temperature changes in the hood then brings exhaust and make-up air rates to the preset level once temperatures return to normal and all fumes and vapors are gone. Two optic sensors per hood use light beams to detect fume/vapor changes in conjunction with heat sensors.
Avtec/Unified Brands

Designed for use with 36- or 37-cm Convertible Buffet Server lines, the Dim Sum Warming Set consists of a stainless adapter ring, bamboo basket and cover. Steam heats product in the slatted-bottom basket; multiple baskets can be stacked to allow different foods to be displayed by level. The companion Adapter Ring comprises a stainless ring and 31/3-size stainless inserts for sauces or condiments. The Spring USA Water Channel returns condensation from the cover back to the steam water pan.
Spring USA

Offering an 1,800-sq.-ft. coverage area, the dual-bulb Pest Pro 150 bug light features a wall-sconce containing a powerful UV light that attracts flying insects that are then silently trapped within the unit on a replaceable glue board. The sconce is available in black, white, gold, and stainless finishes; installs with only basic hand tools; and plugs into a standard 3-prong wall outlet. Replacement bulbs, ballasts and glue boards are available.
Curtron Products


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Henny Penny

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