PRODUCTS: May 2017


While the tube-shaped sheaths that come with many thermometers are fine for protecting the probe from physical damage (and chefs from getting poked by the probe end), they don’t protect against the risk of foodborne illness. If a cook uses the thermometer and sticks it back into the sheath without cleaning the probe properly first, dangerous bacteria can build up inside the sheath. He or she could be transferring bacteria from underdone chicken into a ready-to-eat deli salad. Designed by James Beard Foundation scholarship recipient Anya Knishevitskiy, the CAREmometer thermometer and tube sheath snaps open so that end-users can clean and sterilize it either by hand or in a dishmachine to reduce the risk of bacteria transfer. Keith Norman, Food Safety Manager and Assistant Executive Chef at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa ( in Las Vegas, has made the CAREmometer a requirement for all of his employees’ toolkits. “Here, the workers are responsible for supplying their own tools, which include a thermometer,” Norman says. “For my staff, the ease of cleaning the tube has been the biggest benefit. In my experience, there’s no thermometer that has focused on a way to easily and effectively clean the sheath.” The sheath unsnaps and hinges open making it easy to visually inspect all internal surfaces after cleaning. And even though the CAREmometer comes with its own digital thermometer, the tube sheath can be used with virtually any kitchen probe thermometer.

Create a long-lasting, cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to standard tea lights or fuel cells with the Amazing Flameless Candle. The waterproof, battery-operated Performance Series has dual independent LED lights that can be set to 3 different flicker patterns. Offering a 24-hr. light, they dock in a wall-mountable charging base that will not overcharge the battery. The light bases are available in 6 different color options.
The Amazing Flameless Candle

Although versatile enough to meet a range of menu options, Tuxton’s stackable taco plates have 3 slotted sections that perfectly fit their namesake Mexican dish, along with a fourth fl at section for a tostado or some guacamole. The rectangular plates are lead-free, fully vitrified, oven-proof and dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Choose from 4 vibrant colors: cayenne, cobalt, porcelain white and saffron.

The Intelligent Toast-Qwik narrow conveyor toaster has the ability to toast multiple bread products, as well as finish smaller food products, at the touch of a button. The narrow design allows for continuous single-slice toasting and for the unit to fit into smaller areas, conserving countertop space. Easily operable with 4 different toasting modes, the narrow ITQ provides energy effi ciency and cost savings with Spot-On Technology, which allows the toaster to sense when a product is placed on the conveyor belt to activate the unit, and a Power Save mode. The unit has a programmable touchpad that holds up to 18 product settings and a USB port.
Hatco Corp.

Detecto’s new PZ Series ingredient scales provide a wireless connection between the scale base and indicator which means cables never get in the way. The PZ series features a 14-in. x 14-in. stainless platform, 30-lb. or 60-lb. capacity, large 1-in.H LCD readout, quick response time, wall-mounting bracket and NSF certification. The Wave-a-Weigh hands-free tare function lets you remove the tare weight without ever pushing a key.

Expanding its line of medium-duty slicers, Hobart’s EDGE 13 incorporates many of the features of heavy-duty slicers but is intended for smaller operations. It features a 13-in. blade, ½-hp drive motor to handle meats and cheeses, a poly V-belt system for quiet operation, 45° gravity feed and a 1-piece anodized-aluminum base. Remove the carriage and ceramic knife sharpener for cleaning.
Hobart/ITW FEG

Thermo-Kool’s walk-in refrigeration units feature prefabricated, modular, tongue-and-groove construction with 100% urethane Durathane foamed-in-place high-density insulation. The lightweight panels include the Insta-Lok positive camlock device for fast, easy and accurate installation, relocation and expansion. Choose from standard sizes and confi gurations or customize coolers and freezers to meet unusual space requirements. Remote, remote pre-assembled, top-mount quick-connect and remote quick-connect refrigeration options add to the choices.
Thermo-Kool/Mid-South Industries

The compact ONE26/S/ single-rack oven has a round heating chamber that minimizes heated air volume. The oven’s easy-to-handle sliding door reduces the risk of burn injuries. The Round Total Convection Control system reduces product weight loss and ensures an even bake and maximized bread volume, while the lightweight Round High Volume Steam system produces excellent crust and interior texture. Multiple alarms allow for up to 4 different products to be baked simultaneously.
Revent Inc.

With the GST-1H Flat Bread Toaster, operators can quickly heat prebaked pitas, flatbreads and tortillas to 160°F in 6 sec.; raw tortillas in only 12 sec. The wide-mouth front-load opening accommodates different products up to 16-in.W, then the motorized conveyor guides product along the top and bottom high-temperature platens and out the front return. It also has a digital controller with adjustable settings for the temperature and motor speed.

The Meridian line of ice machine/dispensers feature a very small operational footprint relative to production capacity: the HID312 generates up to 260 lb./hr. of chewable, slow-melting ice, and the HID525 and HID540 each up to 500 lb./hr. All models have durable stainless evaporator and exterior panels, removable front panels for easy access and service, intuitive LED diagnostic lights, unitspecific QR codes for quick access to service manuals and a convenient USB drive for fast software updates.
Scotsman/Ali Group

Fusing modern elegance with unparalleled flexibility that is both sophisticated and practical, the Cubic Display System beautifully blends into surrounding décor for a seamless appearance that adds interest to any buffet lineup. Portable and lightweight, the system includes bowls, pedestals, beverage dispensers, cutting boards, platters and more that are easy to combine in a wide array of displays and confi gurations. Unique pedestal choices allow for any serving area to be maximized with more vertical presentation options.
Vollrath Co.

Groen braising pans and steam-jacketed kettles now sport Classic and Advanced electronic controls that allow operators to achieve more precise temperatures and maximum cooking performance. The Advanced controls have a digital timer and temperature pre-sets for consistent, repeatable results from chef to chef and shift to shift. The control panels are water resistant to reduce repairs and downtime and to make cleaning a snap.
Groen/Unified Brands

Hoshizaki’s Commercial Series Sandwich Top and Mega Top prep tables now are available in a 36-in. width in addition to the current 27-, 48-, 60- and 72-in. widths. Constructed with a pillar-less 25½-in.W door opening, the single-section refrigerators have a stainless exterior, interior walls and floor with coved corners. The Sandwich Top model comes with 10, 1/6-size, 4-in.D pans, and the Mega Top comes with 15 pans.


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HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

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