PRODUCTS: September 2017


Come on in; the water’s fine…and the coffee and the tea when you have professionally filtered water. The Everpure Claris Ultra filter system from Pentair features a 2-step process that combines softening plus sequestering, which stabilizes the mineral content of the water while also preventing lime scale formation and removing off taste and odor. “The 2-step system performs water filtration as well as ion exchange, or softening, in the same cartridge. Technically, you’re getting 2 different types of water treatment happening inside 1 filter,” says James Franceschetti, Pentair Foodservice Marketing Manager. The result is coffee that has the ideal taste, aroma and crema without unpleasant acidity or bitterness. In addition to aiding the production of quality beverages, the filter system effectively prevents hard mineral precipitation in espresso and coffee machines as well as steam equipment and impedes corrosion that can lead to expensive equipment downtime and maintenance.
Pentair Everpure

Put your griddle master chef on display with the Evo EVent 48E electric cooktop with ductless downdraft ventilation. Use the cooktop for flat-top plancha-style grilling, sautéing, searing, stir-frying and other cooking methods directly in front of customers. Four independent heaters cover the programmable cooking zone up to 550°F, while the high-velocity downdraft filtration system captures smoke and fumes and discharges cleaned air on the chef side. A self-contained fire-suppression system with cross-pattern nozzles keeps it all safe.
Evo Inc.

Midea’s Light-Duty Series commercial microwaves are ideal for wait stations, vending areas and c-stores where a small footprint (0.9 cu. ft.) and lower power (1000W/120V) are needed. With stainless interiors and exteriors, the microwaves each sport an EZ Grab N Go door handle and are available with either dial, touchpad or combination (dial/touchpad) controls.
Midea America

Victory’s UltraSpec bottom-mount refrigerated and freezer displays come standard with Secure-Temp 1.0 temperature monitoring solution that does not require expensive software fees or monthly monitoring fees. Monitor your units through Wi-Fi from a cloud-based portal with easy access by phone, computer or tablet. The system is HACCP compliant and meets NAFEM data protocol.
Victory/Ali Group

Eighteen electric Convotherm 4 combi oven models now are UL-listed ventless, including Convotherm Mini 6.10 and 10.10, and Convotherm 4 easyTouch and easyDial controls 6.10, 6.20, 10.10 and 10.20 (available either with boiler or boilerless/injector). The ventless models save in initial and operating energy costs as well as free up overhead space by eliminating the need for ventilation hoods and venting systems. Additionally, they provide flexibility in oven placement, including in locations where installing ventilation is not possible.

Powered by IoT-based technology, the Kitchen Manager HACCP monitoring system allows you to perform real-time temperature monitoring and to store data for future use; the system replaces paper-based HACCP systems. It is part of a scalable platform that comprises fully automated refrigerator and freezer monitoring with the ability to take food temps via Bluetooth thermometer. Access stored data through any web-connected device. The system sends notifications by text or email if a unit falls out of a predefined temperature range.

Use the AW-WPS Wireless Platform Scale to control ingredient portions when prepping pizza or baked goods. Mount the display in any convenient position using the included bracket. A touch-free tare feature allows for easy, sanitary taring with the wave of a hand. A 14-in. x 14-in. removable stainless platform makes for easy cleanup. The scale runs on either AA batteries or AC adapter.
Yamato Corp.

Capable of automatically freezing liquor, wine or mixed cocktails, the Beyond Zero Ice Maker allows you to serve iced alcoholic beverages that get stronger as the ice melts as well as to create new concoctions that combine tastes of different liquid and frozen liquors. The plug-in appliance also stores the frozen liquor, which can be made into custom shapes and sizes through molds to deliver a fun, unique experience to customers.
Beyond Zero

Heatcraft’s Quick Response Controller provides automatic superheat and intelligent defrost control for refrigeration unit coolers. The Controller combines electronic expansion valves, superheat control, defrost algorithms and fan cycling that result in faster temperature pull downs, stable operating temperatures and overall energy efficiency. Remote refrigeration monitoring of 1 or more systems is an optional feature.
Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration

The user-friendly Berner Air Curtain Energy Savings Calculator is a free, online tool that helps designers and builders select the appropriate air curtain for space needs as well as estimate ROI. Each calculation allows for the comparison of 2 or more of Berner air curtain models’ effectiveness ratings and energy savings based on door dimensions, use times, local energy rates and other data. Searches automatically save for future reference and later changes.
Berner Int’l.

This countertop lid organizer, part of Tomlinson’s Modular Dispensing Systems product line, features a durable stainless welded frame and a sturdy plastic insert with 3 rows for lids and a bottom row for condiments and straws. The removable plastic insert makes for easy cleaning. Choose from large (12¼-in.W x 16¾-in.D) and small (8¼-in.W x 16¾-in.D) designs to suit various countertop footprints.
Tomlinson Industries

This Heated Grill Grease System, working together with any of Frontline’s waste oil management systems, allows employees to collect grill grease throughout the workday in a stainless basket positioned under the grill drains. An extra-large sediment basket collects solids, while a silicone heater helps prevent congealing in the heated transport caddy. At the end of the day, simply wheel the caddy to the waste oil containment tank and pump in the grease.
Frontline Int’l.

Unified Brands has recently introduced 2 industrial-size electric sous vide cook-chill systems through its CapKold by Groen product line. Choose from 400-lb. and 600-lb. capacities. Benefits include a 95% product yield and precise temperature control. With multi-level temperature settings, a single unit will thaw, cook, and hold overnight, then proceed into chill mode by morning—while being digitally controlled and monitored for HACCP compliance.
Groen/Unified Brands

Outfit your dishroom with this stainless U-shaped soil dishtable, complete with a tile-edge design for easy installation. Highlights include an 8-in.D pre-rinse sink basket and slidebar, and dishlanding. Lengths range from 72 in. to 144 in.; custom lengths are available. This unit shown with optional faucet.
Advance Tabco

Ideal in kitchens where space is at a premium, this nesting, knockdown bun pan rack (model AL-1820BNKD/A) saves valuable floor space, resulting in a more efficient work flow. Racks nest in a “Z” formation; 6 nesting racks equal 15 sq. ft., while standard racks take up about 22½ sq. ft. of floor space. Boasting all welded-aluminum, 1-in. tubing with 1-in. x 1½-in. runner angles, each rack holds 20 18-in. x 20-in. bun pan trays or 40 14-in. x 18-in. bun pan trays. NSF certified.
Winholt Equipment


Host 3 1200x800 2

HostMilano Kicks Off in Italy

HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

Oil’s Sweet Spot: How to Get There and Maintain It

Like many in the world of foodservice, you may assume that cooking oil performance is at its peak when you first start using it — but did you know there...

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