Choose from full-cube or half-cube models in the Nordic Elite CNM0522 Series. These newer models are 20% more efficient than previous Nordic units. Air-cooled models allow for top or side hot-air discharge for installation flexibility. Additional equipment highlights include automated cleaning cycle; dishmachine safe, food zone components; and an easy-to-clean structural foam base that’s rust free. CNM0522A*0A makes 561 lb./24 hr. of ice, energy use is 5.87 kWh/100 lb. of ice and water use is about 20 gal./100 lb. of ice.

Horizon Elite Series ice machines—producing nugget ice—offer operators a low cost of ownership and superior performance even with the most challenging water conditions. Horizon Elite’s unique scale-inhibiting design produces ice that has 15% the total dissolved solids of incoming water; quarantines and regularly expels TDS to dramatically reduce scale buildup, all while using 35%-50% less water than comparable cube-type ice machines. Model 1010 (remote) makes up to 978 lb./24 hr. of ice, measures about 227/10-in.W x 22½-in.D x 22¼-in.H; water consumption is 12 gal./100 lb. of ice, and energy consumption of air-cooled models measures 4.68 kWh/100 lb. of ice (single-phase).

Hoshizaki’s KM-1900S_J(3) Crescent Cuber is the latest of its products to transition to the efficient KMEdge design, which features greater energy efficiency and ice production. KM-1900S_J series produces up to 1,933 lb. of crescent-shaped ice cubes daily, a 4% increase over the previous version of this cuber, while using 5% less water and electricity. Stack 2 units to produce double the ice in the same floor space. Energy Star-rated model KM-1900SAJ produces 1,875 lb./24 hr. of ice, water use equals 19 gal./100 lb. of ice, and energy use is 3.9 kWh/100 lb. of ice. This unit measures 48-in.W x 277/16-in.D x 367/16-in.H.

Key features of the Elevation Series Cube Ice Makers include 1-touch to sanitize and 1-touch to delime, LEDs signal when it’s time to clean; BPA-free plastic food zone parts snap in and out and are dishmachine safe; and the overall design allows for hot-air discharge from the side and top for installation flexibility. Model CIM0530A produces 561 lb. of ice (half cube) per day, measures 30¼-in.W x 24¼-in.D x 21¼-in.H; water use is about 20 gal./100 lb. of ice, and energy use is 5.87 kWh/100 lb. of ice.

This workhorse produces up to 1,000 lb./24 hr. of ice. It features rounded corners, plastic top panels, plastic louvers, a stainless exterior finish and an LCD display. It’s stackable with other X-Series machines; double capacity in the same footprint. Choose full-cube or half-cube models. The air-cooled version measures about 423/10-in.W x 31-in.D x 337/10-in.H, energy use is 4.9 kWh/100 lb. of ice, and water use is about 13 gal./100 lb. of ice.

Koolaire by Manitowoc’s Undercounter Ice Kube Machine comes built for reliability and longevity. Opt for full cubes or half cubes. Machines are simple to operate and easy to maintain. Use the 3-way switch for on/off/clean. No need to remove the front panel. The easy-to-remove, reusable air filter keeps the condenser clean. A hideaway bin door slides up and out of the way under the ice machine top. Model KDF-0250 produces up to 256 lb./24 hr. of ice, energy use is 7.5 kWh/100 lb. of ice, water use equals 32 gal./100 lb. of ice and the dimensions are about 30-in.W x 28-in.D x 32½-in.H.

Indigo NXT cube ice machines provide the next level of simplicity with a full-color touchscreen display showing operating status, cleaning instructions, 1-touch access to the unit’s asset information and Startup Wizard to simplify installation. An optional advance UV-light sanitation solution, Luminice II, is fully integrated and controlled on the easyTouch display. New machines are up to 43% more energy-efficient than previous models, and the new R410A refrigerant has 48% less global warming potential. Energy Star-rated model IRT0500A produces 500 lb./24 hr. of ice and water use tallies 19 gal./100 lb. of ice. This model measures 30-in.W x 24-in.D x 21½-in.H and energy use is about 5 kWh/100 lb. of ice.

This modular ice maker produces up to 521 lb./24 hr. of ice; choose from full-dice cubes or half-dice cubes. Stack units for even more ice production in the same footprint. Unit’s water use is about 13 gal./100 lb. of ice and energy consumption is 4.9 kWh/100 lb. of ice. Stainless exterior construction provides durability; machine has an automatic cleaning cycle; a hinged front panel makes for easy service. Solid-state controls display ice maker status and alert you when the machine needs servicing. Unit has earned Energy Star rating; it measures 30-in.W x 243/5-in.D x 21-in.H.

Scotsman’s Prodigy Plus modular cube ice machine C1448 makes up to 1,553 lb. of ice per 24 hr. and features the latest technology to make it reliable and easy to clean and maintain. Recently upgraded, the C1448 air-cooled version received the Energy Star rating in January; energy consumption is 4.25 kWh/100 lb. of ice. External removable air filters, 1-touch cleaning and automatic water controls help keep the unit running consistently and efficiently. Its water use equals 18 gal./100 lb. of ice and it measures 48-in.W x 24-in.D x 29-in.H.


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