Disruptions Need Not Apply


Stop texting. Calling. Dropping by unannounced.

You waddled into 2020 and created a clusterduck for the entire FE&S industry and the people I care about.

Safe places seemed a little less safe. You tested our resilience and we had to pivot overnight with no game plan. Sneaky, sneaky.

Do you want to know where you went wrong? You underestimated my community. Instead of dividing us, you brought us closer – family, neighbors, businesses, and customers collaborating where we never had before. I focused on being the solution, found new products, forged new relationships, and left you scrambling for relevance on the evening news.

Most importantly, I remained a beacon of hope when it was in short supply.

And even now, you are still trying. Stealing packages off my front porch, and trying to disrupt the supply chain, but you can’t stop me. I will keep flapping my wings at your attempts to be a part of my life. No one’s going to stuff a pillow with my feathers.

When you came to my door and tried to pick a fight with me, you forgot to look over my shoulder. Standing right behind me were 500 of the toughest, most resourceful, and determined FE&S dealers who support, guide, and lift each other up when faced with adversity.

When you stepped to me, you stepped to the most powerful community in my life. The dealers that are there for me every day. The hundreds of vendors and manufacturer reps that share my struggles. A community united in overcoming challenges – protecting each other and stopping bullies. Just. Like. You. A community that is STRONGER TOGETHER!

So, the next time you show your ugly face, just know my community of hard-nosed dealers is ready to show you how we deal with ducking disruptions!

Quackfully Yours,

A proud dealer member of the Excell and Nissco buying group community.

Lean on our community when: 

  • The next disruption hits and you need advice, support, and strength-in-numbers to create change.
  • Onboarding new DSR’s consumes your day, and you need support to train and retain.
  • Supply chains are stretched and access to manufacturers and limited supplies becomes a critical issue.
  • You need innovative ideas and proven solutions from like-minded dealer owners.
  • “Winning on service but losing on price” is a common theme with your core manufacturer programs.
  • You enter a new category and quick, low-friction access to new manufacturers is a must.
  • You need access to cost-efficient marketing solutions and a team of FE&S industry experts to help you stay ahead of the trends.

For more information on the Excell Foodservice Equipment Dealer Network and Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group, please reach out at 720-361-1913 or visit Excell at excelldealers.com and Nissco at nisscorest.com.



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