Publisher’s Note: Our Silver Anniversary

On FER's 25th anniversary, our publisher reflects on the growth of the magazine and company at large.


Whatever you were doing 25 years ago, you also were probably, hopefully, being introduced to a very different magazine called Foodservice Equipment Reports. The magazine’s goal from Day One was to deliver true equipment comparisons, in a Consumer Reports-style, to help operators, dealers and consultants make informed buying decisions.

We all know nothing in life is easy but with the original crew—including Robin Ashton at the helm as publisher—this “little engine that could” quickly became the premier player in the foodservice marketplace. Richard Chrampanis, vice president of sales, and Christine Palmer, production manager, also were part of that original team and are still at FER to this day!

The past couple of years were challenging; nobody can deny that. However, it’s never been more important for those in the foodservice space to get smart, relevant content wherever they are and however they want it. More than three years ago, FER realized that digital was a critical next step in our expansion. At no time in our history have we innovated and pivoted in so many ways and so often.

FER continues to help you make informed buying decisions.

Print continues to be a strong tool, but our database, newsletters, virtual events platform and Digital Solutions Group are equally important. If COVID has taught me anything, it is that a strong group of smart, energetic people can achieve anything they set their minds to. I want to thank all FER employees past and present for their dedication, enthusiasm and extremely hard work to get you, our readership, the crucial information you need to make extremely important buying decisions. I also want to thank our parent company, Wolters-Althoff Investments, and the Wolters family in particular, for their vision and their enthusiasm for the foodservice community that allows us to do what we do.

I look forward to growing with all of you over the next 25 years and I am excited for what the future holds for us all!


President & Publisher


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