From the Editor: Happy to Be Here

Our industry plays a part in creating one of life's joys - delicious food.

Allison for WEB

Even though this is the first time you’ve seen me here, I’ve been at your side for many years. I served in a number of roles, most recently managing editor, at Foodservice Equipment Reports and, in total, have been a part of the media company for more than 10 years. I love everything about it. I enjoy how our editorial team takes a somewhat complicated piece of equipment (like a high-speed oven or blast chiller), researches it, talks with manufacturers, and turns around and shows you everything possible so you can select the right model for your operation. It’s rewarding work. Overall, as a member of the foodservice equipment and supplies industry, I feel I’m part of a group helping to supply artists (the cooks) with the medium (equipment) to create one of life’s joys—delicious food. I’m truly happy to be here.

Now let’s get to work. I know these are incredibly challenging times, and the editorial team has pulled together this issue to help you run the cleanest, safest foodservice operation possible. It was a statement by Datassential’s Nirvana Chapman at August’s FER Virtual NEXT conference that solidified the idea to create the Clean and Safe Issue. She said, for the first time ever diners ranked how clean a restaurant is above how good the food tastes. That’s still the case, according to Contributing Editor Lisa Arnett in her story on the leading habits of highly clean foodservice operations.

In the Report section, the equipment comparison on cube ice machines focuses on the latest advancements in safety features and cleaning processes. Matt Gingrich, service technician with EMR, recently told me ice machines, and anything else that has to do with water, are a top priority for operators in the coming year as far as planned maintenance. Water can cause scale buildup and create different types of mold, he said, and operators want to make sure everything is as clean as possible. The latest round of ice machines will help you meet that goal. Next, check out the equipment comparison on three-compartment sinks, our first dive into the category, and a roundup of high-tech sanitation products.

If you have found a new strategy or product that has helped you create a healthier operation, something you don’t see others doing yet, I invite you to reach out, and maybe I can share it with our audience. Let’s do this together.

Allison Rezendes


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