Midea Offers A Broad Selection of Commercial Cooking Equipment

Meets All Food Service Demands

05 2023 Midea

Midea offers a broad selection of Commercial Ovens and Induction Cooktops to satisfy most every Food Service need for various locations such as supermarkets, QSR’s, Fast Casual, convenience stores, coffee shops, hospitals, transportation hubs, schools, stadiums, cruise lines, and more. Midea’s full range of commercial appliances will cook virtually anything, no matter the type of food. There is always a suitable oven for your menu needs. With Professional Chef Support,  unprecedented performance, user-friendly interfaces and superior design are just a few of the Midea advantages that makes us the supplier of choice for all commercial needs.

FlashChef™ High-speed Oven

Midea High Speed Oven providesenhanced performance where professional cooking results are needed. With the breakthrough dual impingement system, Midea FLASHCHEF™ High Speed Oven can brown and crisp food quickly. Besides, the Inverter technology enables the oven to cook or heat the food quickly and uniformly while consuming less energy.

Apart from its impressive performance, Midea FLASHCHEF™ High Speed Oven is user-friendly. 8″HD TFT touch screen, (The largest screen in its class), offers the users more contents with clearer display. The intuitive and scrollable control panel with auto-top menu function provides phone-like operation, eliminating operating and language barriers. Built-in cavity light allows the users to check the food with brighter view and for maintenance. With all these features and functions. Midea FLASHCHEF™ High Speed Oven is space-friendly with a large cavity that fits in a 12″ (30cm) pizza or 14” sub sandwich easily.

Scan&Go™ Microwave

As the company’s first commercial microwave with a built-in IR scanner for ease of use, the Midea Scan&Go™ microwave reads a packaged foods’ bar-code for consistent cooking (to the food company’s specification) in the retail business. The cooking time and power settings for various foods can be pre-programmed on Laptop a computer, which generates a QR code that contains the cooking instructions. By scanning the QR code, the cooking instructions will be transferred to the microwave. Once programmed, users can simply scan the food’s barcode with the built-in scanner and place the food into the microwave oven to cook without the need to manually set the power level and time as they normally do. The Scan&Go™ microwave provides auto programming for 100 recipes to cover a wide range of foods.

Induction Cooktops

Midea commercial induction cooktops feature ‘heavy duty’ cooking, IPX3 water proof design, 90% energy efficiency rating, “cool cook” using 5 separate cooling fans, thermostatically controlled overheat sensor, slip-resistant metal feet, and compact table top design with stainless steel body. 3 models are available now: The MIC3400WK “WOK” cooker with 3400W of cooking power and INCLUDES a WOK pan, then there are the two “flat surface “Hobs””: the MIC3400F (240V) with 3400W of cooking power, and the MIC1800F (120V)  with 1800W of cooking power.

More Commercial Microwave Ovens

Midea offers full range of commercial microwave ovens from 17L to 34L / from 1000W to 2100W to satisfy different cooking needs. You can choose from light duty models for low-volume applications, and medium or heavy duty models for more frequent use.

About Midea Group

Midea is the world’s leading manufacturer of appliances. According to the latest statistics, Midea Group has achieved a total revenue of $39.22 Billion in the first 9 Months of the Year 2022, and was listed as #245 at 2022’s Global Fortune® 500. So far, Midea employs more than 160K Employees, 35 International Production Centers, 35 R&D Centers, more than 200 Subsidiaries, and over 60 overseas branches worldwide. On top of that, with 70k Authorized Patents, Midea is considered to be No.1 in Authorized Patents in the appliance industry for five consecutive years.


Most of Midea Commercial Ovens are available at your local Food Service Dealer or on Amazon now!
Click the link to order today: https://www.MideaMicrowaves.com

Official Website: https://www.midea.com/us/commercial-kitchen
Rex Ou, Head of Midea Commercial Kitchen Sales Department
Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 139-2484-6338
Kenneth Megarr MS CCC, Research Chef and Dir.,Culinary Appliance Applications
Tel: 973-459-6357


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