Specifi To Manage Revit, CAD Libraries For Advance Tabco, Hatco

Specifi LLC has reached an agreement to create and manage Revit and CAD libraries for Advance Tabco and Hatco.

The agreements with Specifi will see the creation of a complete repository of FCSI-compliant Revit and CAD blocks, containing all the required elements to future-proof the data, for each company’s product portfolios. Multiplatform availability of this information includes the Specifi Design and Quote software packages, KCL, and each manufacturer’s website.

“Specifi provides us a new and unique channel to bring Advance Tabco products to the wider marketplace,” says Al Alderman, v.p. of the Edgewood, N.Y., manufacturer. “We expect it to be a cost-effective means to reach an expanded audience of specifiers, dealers and end-users with a simple, easy-to-use interface.”

Hatco’s National Sales Manager Mark Pumphret added, “We take great pride in providing the highest quality content. The Specifi model is designed to ensure that our Revit files and CAD symbols are always compliant with current FCSI standards. It is an exciting tool that will help ensure our consultants and specifiers have the best possible data at the ready.”

Michael Greenwald, President of the Americas at Specifi, pointed to the firm’s content creation subscription service as a means to enable everyone in the business supply chain to work smarter and more efficiently. “This is a great start to 2017. In partnership with companies such as Hatco and Advance Tabco, we intend to create the world’s most complete and accurate product repository. It is our hope that all manufacturers will recognize the importance and need to have the correctly formatted blocks and we’re in a unique position to help.”



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