PRODUCTS: October 2017


Raring to elevate its tabletop presentation of French fries and better control portions, a national casual-dining chain turned to American Metalcraft’s Stainless Steel Fry Cup. Instead of employees using a gloved hand or spoon to loosely place fries on plates, they fill the 14-oz. cups. “The 190-unit-plus chain saw a 15%-20% cost savings; they forecasted a million-dollar savings systemwide over the course of a year on the cost of fries alone,” says Lee Ann Kelly, American Metalcraft’s V.P.-Sales and Marketing. Obviously, the cost of the fry cup quickly paid for itself. “They were having trouble managing how many French fries employees put on every plate so, this gave them the ability to standardize that but without being apparent to the customer,” Kelly says. Employees can only fit so many fries in the cup. Models FFC337 and FFHM37 come straight-sided and with either brushed or hammered finishes; they measure 3⅜-in. in diameter and height. Models FFCS45 and FFHM45 are angled, hold 12 oz. and measure 2⅞-in. in diameter and 4½-in.H.
American Metalcraft

Your customers like their coffee drinks, and the Radiance hot powdered cappuccino dispenser keeps you on top of their choices. The unit’s Kitchen Brains Wi-Fi-enabled technology provides real-time actionable data on customer preferences. Three models offer customized graphics and selling messages: A-models have an 18-in. high-resolution LCD video merchandiser, B-models have a backlit merchandiser, and C-models have a decal merchandiser. Five-hopper models come with 7¼-gal. tank capacity.


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HostMilano Kicks Off in Italy

HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

Oil’s Sweet Spot: How to Get There and Maintain It

Like many in the world of foodservice, you may assume that cooking oil performance is at its peak when you first start using it — but did you know there...

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