PRODUCTS: December 2017


Pizza sales are up at Ristorante Andrea, Montreal, Canada, as a result of a Volare gas-fired pizza oven. Made by MVP Group’s Sierra Range, the Volare offers the ultimate in consistency of the taste and look of the pizza, says Chef Andrea Telaro. He’s used many types of pizza ovens (deck, wood-burning, conveyor) since he opened the authentic Italian restaurant in 1989. But with the Volare, “the pizza always cooks evenly through, and the ceramic stone gives it a tasty, crispy crust. Plus, the oven is versatile; we also can bake lasagna, pasta, onion soup and much more with a chef’s imagination.” Chef Telaro started using the dual-rotating ceramic deck oven in October 2016. “The oven’s rotating feature has consistent heat (gas-flame burners) below and above the stone so there’re no cold spots. It also has 3 tempered-glass doors, which make it easy to access pizzas, produce less heat for chefs working in front of the equipment, and give an impressive look for any open kitchen,” he adds. The oven turns out 140 to 168 12-in. pizzas per hr., or 60 to 72 18-in. pizzas per hr. Measuring 501/2-in.W x 43-in.D x 654/5-in.H with base, the oven has 3 burners, a maximum output that totals 84,000 Btu, and reaches up to 700°F.
Sierra Range/MVP Group 

Let your creativity wander with the Pyramid Mobile Buffet. This versatile system features wood cubbies with stainless edging protectors; you can stack them, sit them on an angle, or connect them with glass shelving for different setups. To connect cubbies, insert shelving in the 10-in. slot on each side. Use the system as a mobile rolling buffet (bottom base comes with locking casters) or as tabletop risers.
Eastern Tabletop

CDN has expanded its ProAccurate Folding Thermocouple Thermometer (TCT572) offerings, with a limited edition in blue. This product is now available in black, white, and an array of HACCP-coded colors: red for meat, yellow for poultry, green for produce and blue for seafood. With a 1½-mm-thin tip and quick 3-6 sec. response, this NSF-certified model is shatterproof and water resistant, and is manufactured with BioCote, an antimicrobial agent. Field calibration adds value, for accurate measurements over time.



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HostMilano Kicks Off in Italy

HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

Oil’s Sweet Spot: How to Get There and Maintain It

Like many in the world of foodservice, you may assume that cooking oil performance is at its peak when you first start using it — but did you know there...

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