PRODUCTS: January 2018


Adande’s patented and award-winning refrigerated bases are a complete departure from just about every other comparable drawer unit on the market. The company relies on the physics of cold air in refrigeration (and freezing) applications. Each drawer can be incrementally set to any temperature between -7.6 F-59 F, tailoring the temp to whatever’s stored, cold or frozen. And each drawer operates at individual temperatures. If you pull out a drawer in most units, a vertical gasket surrounds the perimeter of the drawer front. That’s because the refrigeration circulates through the whole base and can spill out when the drawers are opened. On Adande units, cooled, low-velocity air sinks down into the grooves of the insulated tub and circulates gently around the contents. There’s no need to leave space between stored items, and that maximizes storage capacity. The insulated tubs (1- and 2-drawer models available, along with a matchbox style) pop right out, leaving only the stainless framework of the drawer unit, including the drawer runners. And because cold and frozen air stays contained in the tubs, those runners never freeze up. Remove the insulated tub inserts and you can wipe down the entire stainless frame inside and out. A heated, magnetic gasket, horizontally mounted to the underside of the top of the compartment, stays intact and clean because it’s out of reach. Since cold air doesn’t escape every time the drawer opens, the refrigeration system isn’t taxed trying to regain low temperatures. The refrigeration technology is so gentle, chefs report their foods have an extended shelf life and are less dehydrated.

HLC created Fresco in collaboration with John Britt, a studio potter, educator, and author whose specialty is ceramic glazes and glazing. Fresco’s soft matte glaze evokes the evolving beauty of the earth’s surface through the use of minerals in the pottery-making process. The result is a 1-of-a-kind design revealed in swirling patterns that seem to move across each piece. Fresco offers the strength of HLC’s American-made ceramic dinnerware while delivering the look and feel of a handcrafted original.
Homer Laughlin China Co.

Ignitor Labs creates and delivers virtual training solutions for operating, maintaining and servicing foodservice equipment. Its suite of tools includes ProTECH, PocketTECH and Partifi. The company builds and implements interactive online training courses and field reference materials to complement any in-house program. It will work with you to provide anytime, anywhere, any device, mobile-friendly methods of delivering your training that saves time and money.
Ignitor Labs

Four models of Axis combi ovens are available with either manual or digital controls and either 6 or 10 full-size sheet pan shelves to match baking needs; stacking kits for additional ovens further expand capacity. The ovens heat fast (395ÅãF in 5 min.) with quick recovery times even with a full load of frozen food; reversing fans optimize air flow and circulation for even cooking. Halogen lights illuminate the chamber for viewing without losing heat out the door, while tempered double-panel glass doors add to the heat retention.
MVP Group

PowerPulse Pre-Rinse Spray Valves from Encore use pulsating jets of water to power off dried and baked on food in only 12 sec. PowerPulse with 1.05 gpm flow rate cleans 43% faster and uses 58% less water when compared with competitors, according to Frontier Energy’s Food Service Technology Center. The valves also are available in 0.65 gpm, 0.74 gpm, 1.22 gpm and 1.52 gpm flow rates. All valves are easy retrofits, or come as part of complete pre-rinse units.
Encore/Component Hardware

Hoshizaki’s latest cube ice machine with the KMEdge Design sports increased production with greater energy efficiency. The KM-1301S_J model produces up to 1,400 lb. of ice daily—a 3% increase—while using 8% less electricity. Stack 2 units to produce double the ice in the same footprint. The 48-in.W ice machine comes air-cooled, water-cooled or Energy Star-rated remote air-cooled.

The CW2 Whipped Creme Dispenser has a small footprint and lightweight design; it’s ideal for any operation looking to enhance dessert menu offerings, while saving valuable counter space. Operable with liquid cream containing no chemical additives or propellants, the CW2 can dispense whipped creme manually or with a pre-set dispense to ensure the same portion with every serving. It has a 2.11-qt. capacity and setting feature to specify the desired product texture (from thin to dense). Removable hopper and minimal parts make this unit easy to clean.
Stoelting/Vollrath Co.

Globe’s electric sandwich grill line now offers this mid-size combo unit, complete with a cast iron grooved top and smooth bottom plate. The grooved top provides popular grill marks for presentation of sandwiches, quesadillas, meats, vegetables, chicken and other products. The smooth bottom plate provides superior heat transfer, easy clean up, and versatility as it can be used as a griddle. The GPGS1410 combo unit comes in stainless with a durable, adjustable-tension spring hinge and has a large 14.-in.W cooking surface. Thermostatically controlled from 220 F-570 F, the unit heats to and maintains the selected temperature ensuring even heating and thorough cooking.
Globe Food Equipment

Follett 7 and 15 Series Sparkling models dispense ice as well as chilled still water or chilled sparkling water as a healthy alternative to sugary sodas. The dispensers are available with 7 lb. or 15 lb. of ice storage and produce up to 125 lb. of chewable Chewblet ice per day in addition to water dispensing. None of the models require a drain, making for versatile, easy installation.


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HostMilano Kicks Off in Italy

HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

Oil’s Sweet Spot: How to Get There and Maintain It

Like many in the world of foodservice, you may assume that cooking oil performance is at its peak when you first start using it — but did you know there...

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