PRODUCTS: April 2018

Keeping your ice machine clean— inside and out—can be a challenge for time- and labor-strapped operators. EcO3Ice, a recently introduced antimicrobial ice protection system by Franke, is a compact, lowpower device that continuously treats incoming water used by ice machines to noticeably reduce microbial buildup, including bacteria, yeast and mold. “Operators using EcO3Ice can expect to dramatically lower the cost and interruption of cleanings, as well as the number of service incidents,” notes John Edmonds, Franke Sales Director. “Operators also should expect to earn better health inspection scores for ice production and handling.” EcO3Ice generates a minute amount of ozone within the ice machine’s water supply. As the water (now doing double duty as a sanitizing solution) circulates, it continuously kills microbes and inhibits growth throughout the ice-making path. Trace amounts of ozone left in the ice help sanitize ice bins and dispensers well beyond the machine. EcO3Ice attaches quickly and easily to an ice machine’s incoming water line and runs silently and automatically. The unit can sanitize up to 50,000 gal. before needing a replacement cartridge; an LED light signals when a replacement is due. Replacing the twist-on cartridge takes only a minute. The unit is available in 3 sizes, suitable for most commercial ice machines.

Gallery and eTukUSA recently partnered to build Tuk Tuks—3-wheeled electric vehicles—with food-and beverage options. Customize the cart design to meet your needs. This Eat Fresh Tuk Tuks includes a grab-and-go cooler, ice bins and dry storage. All units come with self-contained water systems to accommodate local codes.

The Revol French Classic line of porcelain cookware combines sophisticated Old World design with modern durability. Traditional white, strong black cast-iron style or a contemporary pepper finish provide a range of expressions from kitchen to table. The line includes ramekins and soufflés, flan dishes, soup and salad bowls, baking dishes, terrines and oil/vinegar bottles.

The Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 can quickly grind raw spices for fresh spice blends to amplify the flavor of any dish, or even turn freeze-dried berries or flora into fresh powders to use as a finishing touch. It comes with a newly designed 3-peak-output hp motor with improved thermal capabilities, providing the power and dependability required in high-volume kitchens. Robust, easy-to-use controls minimize employee training time, improve grip and stand up to back-to-back blends. The machine’s variable-speed control delivers a full range of textures and its advanced cooling fan provides reliability during peak hours of operation.

Improve your operational efficiency with BINPAK, a container with built-in compaction that can hold up to 6 cu. yd. of waste, recycling or cardboard. Benefits include reduced overall waste costs, improved handling of recyclable materials thanks to the elimination of multiple containers, and better employee health as a result of the ergonomic 26-in. loading height. The compactor overall measures 83-in.W x 64-in.D x 83-in.H. Choose single or 3-phase electric.
MWP/Modern Waste Products

Installation, set-up and operation are at your fingertips with the 2.8-in., icon-based easyTouch display featured on the Indigo NXT ice machine. One-touch access to asset information, service menu, reminders and alerts simplify programming everything from operation during off-peak energy times to water usage to a tamper-resistant display lock. The optional built-in LuminIce II device makes sure the food zone is safe and clean, while overall design ensures easy access to maintenance areas. Plus, it’s energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

With cold storage underneath and heated platform on top, the Randell panini station provides end-to-end space for creating consistent, better quality sandwiches. The lower FX precision holding drawer system allows operators to control temps from -4°F to 40°F ±2°F. The wrapped wall refrigerated condiment rail is sized for 1/3-or 1/6-size pans, while the hinged heated platform allows easy access to the rail.
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