PRODUCTS: July 2018


Your grilled chicken may look cooked, but you still check it with a thermometer to make sure it’s at a safe temperature to avoid risking a foodborne illness. But what about the counter where it was prepped? Your staff cleaned the surface with a germ-killing disinfectant, but is it really clean? Knowing that the surface is safe and clean is the concept behind 3M’s Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System. “The effects of having a cross-contamination or cleanliness issue in today’s social media age can be catastrophic to any business, let alone one in foodservices,” says Adam Nash, Marketing Manager, Food Service at 3M Canada. “Hygiene Monitoring is a proactive program that helps keep staff and customers safe by ensuring cleaning procedures are effective and helping minimize cross-contamination risks.” The heart of the system is the compact, comfortable, portable Luminometer handheld device, which gives an objective reading from a surface swab and records data for consistency and reliability. Users can swab cutting boards, utensils, sponges, containers, storage areas or any place that may be of concern after prep and cleaning to determine cleaning effectiveness. “Our equipment was designed to withstand tough environments, where we know it can be banged and dropped,” adds Nash. “Our software management is customizable to help you track and record your needs.”

Sterno SpeedHeat is a flameless, water-activated heating product that is ideal for drop-off catering that’s meant to be served quickly. It’s safe, convenient and very effective for the task. The system keeps food heated at an ideal serving temperature for up to 30 min.; it’s best suited for events lasting 45 min. to 1 hr. The system works by adding a Speed- Heat packet to each of the tray’s 2 reservoirs, then filling each reservoir with water. The packets activate, generating heat in under 1 min. Next, place filled food pans over the steaming packets and cover; uncover to serve—food stays warm.
Sterno Products

Compact yet powerful, these lightweight air movers are perfect for use in any size restaurant, for FOH or BOH use, specifically in dishwashing areas, beverage stations, restroom floors, rain-affected areas, cabinets, or any other cramped-hard to reach areas you may need to dry quickly. These air movers and dehumidifiers are OSHA compliant, and by reducing humidity, help reduce mold, pest infestations, odors, workmen’s comp claims, and slip-and-fall injuries.

Pitco’s TorQ frying system sports technology that decreases cook times and reduces oil costs. It achieves production with less than 30 lb. of oil with automatic replenishment of fresh oil as needed. Using a seamless, deep-drawn tank, TorQ’s Torrent Filtration system moves oil consistently in a path that filters out sediment while pumping through heating elements, back into the tank. Sediment continuously gathers in a built-in tray that’s more than 75% smaller than a filter drawer.

Model CVYT-120 stainless conveyor toaster boasts a 10-in.W adjustable stainless conveyor belt; it toasts 280-300 slices/hr. Use the settings to choose single- or dual-sided toasting. A pullout crumb tray comes standard. Unit measures 14½-in.W x 19½-in.D x 13½-in.H. Electrical is 120V/1700W/14 amps.
Admiral Craft

Shops, restaurants and coffee bars with limited space can serve customers delicious soft ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, smoothies and frozen cocktails with the Carpigiani Soft & Go Plus model 151. The pressurized frozen-treat machine dispenses a single flavor at a time and is uniquely designed in a compact refrigerated cabinet. Ideal for served or self-serve setups, it features an easy-to-use multi-language, multifunction panel that communicates with you about mix product temperature, consistency and status. A visual alarm alerts you when the machine is low on mix, when the cabinet needs to be defrosted, if the door is open or when it’s time to program the cleaning cycle making it simple to operate and maintain. For additional convenience, this model is equipped with a bag-in-box system making it possible to feed the freezing cylinder directly from a liquid product bag or the mix container provided; it loads from the front. Program and monitor the unit remotely with the optional Teorema Remote Control.
Carpigiani/Ali Group

Part of the Universal Collection, the Ansel product line is sleek, chic and unique. Bright-white porcelain bodies with a modern cylindrical motif throughout the line (including plates, bowls and cups) accentuates food and emphasizes dish individuality. Depths vary between pieces for abundant plating options. Pieces stack for easy storage and transportation.
Vertex China

The Blanco Professional range now features unheated plate dispensers with a serving height of only 29½-in. for younger kids to help themselves. Available in 14 colors and equipped with either 1 or 2 plate tubes, the versatile dispensers have a square plate tube that holds practically any plate shape and can quickly and easily adjust to accommodate almost any kind of dish. With additional plate guides, it can hold up to 4 stacks of dishes, plates or small bowls in a single tube. Retaining clips for hooded covers, hanging frames for gastronorm containers, and a refilling signal round out the benefits.
BLANCO Professional

The centerpiece of Frontline’s Smart Oil Management systems, EZ Oil is a convenient, safe and cost-effective way to refill fryers with fresh cooking oil. The patented EZ Oil process employs boxed oil that is held in an inverted position and plumbed to a high-capacity reservoir that holds up to 350 lb. of shortening. An integral pump moves oil at the touch of a button from the reservoir to awaiting fryer vats. The system improves workplace safety as hands and floors remain clean and grease-free.
Frontline Int’l.

Although it looks hand-crafted, Mosaic dinnerware is tough enough to stand up to everyday use in a professional kitchen environment. Available on a selection of plates and bowls to showcase contemporary and traditional menus, Mosaic easily incorporates into an existing tableware setting. Choose from 5 colors, including the subtle tones of gray and taupe or the bolder colors of blue, coral and green, to lift understated or white tableware by adding a splash of brightness. The reactive glazes add variance in effect and color, so every piece retains a unique character.
Dudson Ltd.

This 100% plant-based, compostable PizzaRound takeout/delivery pizza packaging option reduces packaging waste, labor and space needs as well as grease and sogginess that are common with traditional cardboard pizza boxes. Made from 80% sugarcane and 20% bamboo, the container offers key sustainability advantages that support restaurants’ efforts to minimize their environmental impact. It also is convenient for consumers: oven-safe to 450°F for reheating with a removable top that doubles as a server and a dish and cutting guides for perfect portioning.
World Centric

If you’re looking to chop, grind, blend, puree or emulsify a lot of product at 1 time, the 1-gal. HBF1100S high-performance culinary blender will fit the bill. Its variable-speed 3½-hp motor provides optimal results in a fraction of the time. Speaking of time, preset timer buttons free users to perform other tasks. The chop function pulses the blades to keep ingredients moving and optimize consistency control. The brushed stainless container has molded handles, a transparent lid that gives a clear view of the action, and 4-oz. removable dosing cup.
Hamilton Beach

Made with ultra-strong Dura-Hold paper and adhesive, Post-it Extreme note pads are water-resistant, durable and writable for both indoor and outdoor use in hot and cold environments. They stick to textured surfaces including wood, brick, cement, metal, PVC and glass then remove cleanly with no clean-up required. They’re available in 3-in. x 3-in. 3-packs and 12-packs in a range of colors.


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