PRODUCTS: August 2018


Safely remove throw-up and other body fluids on tables, floor or walls using Food Safety Spill Kit. “We often find that customers use a mop and bucket or any supplies on hand to respond to a cleanup,” says Owen Griffin, CFO of “It’s an inconsistent approach and really increases the risk of cross-contamination.” The kit quickly, efficiently and reliably removes such potential biohazards as *Norovirus, E. coli* and Salmonella. The kit contains all the components needed to clean solids and liquids from a contaminated area. Head-to-toe personal protection covers the employee performing the task, single-use scrapers and dustpans handle the solids, a variety of sprays and wipes finish off the cleaning (which is left to air dry) then everything is safely tossed out in double trash bags. “The kit is organized for fast response when seconds count,” adds Griffin. “Once a cleanup is complete, the entire contents of the kit are thrown away. None of the kit components are reused for future use, again reducing the risk of cross contamination in supply closets.” All the sprays are safe for food contact surfaces without the need to rinse the surface afterward and offer a 30-sec. kill time. The kit includes 2 complete single-use sets; bilingual instructions come with step-by-step images.;

Quad-Adjust Wire Shelving lets you add or remove a shelf without disassembling the entire shelving unit. Shelf corners interlock with postmounted collars; numerically grooved posts are 1-in. diameter. Shelves up to 48-in. in length support an evenly distributed static load of 800 lb. of product; shelves 60- and 72-in. in length support 600 lb. of product. Finishes include EAGLEbrite zinc, chrome, Valu-Master Grey Epoxy, Valu- Gard Green Epoxy, EAGLEgard Green Epoxy with MICROGARD, or stainless.
Eagle Group

The Zumex Speed S +plus series of commercial juicers for large operations such as hotels, chains, casinos, campus foodservices and super-markets have an automatic PulpOut system, which lets you extract pulp in a fast, sanitary and efficient way, and the ingenious 2-position drip pan, which allows you to juice directly into a cup or bottle. New to the juicer series is the 1Step S Extraction Kit accessory for smaller-diameter fruits such as limes and lemons, and the new 1Step L Extraction Kit for larger fruit such as oranges and grapefruit. The unit opens a world of opportunities for creating delicious fresh-juice blends fast and easily in just 1 step.

Keep cool, not just through refrigeration but by knowing that temperatures are safe with the Specifications Line of reach-in units, which features 24/7 app-based connectivity to any smartphone or comparable mobile device. Check notifications, service alerts, review data, and equipment operations remotely. On site, the easyTouch touchscreen puts control at your fingertips. The cooling units use GreenGenius R290 hydrocarbon refrigeration for environmentally friendly energy efficiency.

Eliminate the cost of replacing disposable kid cups, promote sustainability and reduce waste with Cambro’s reusable Kid Cups. Matching disposable CamLids help reduce spills. Available in 10- and 12-oz. sizes, the durable cups come in Lido (clear), Laguna (clear, Spanish Green) and Newport (clear, Blush, Amber, Slate Blue) styles. Personalize cups with logos or designs to promote branding. The cups come 26 tumblers per case, and the disposable lids in 1,000 packs.

TurboChef’s Double Batch Oven is a single oven with 2 rapid cook cavities; it uses impingement technology. Variable speed blowers, oscillating racks and catalytic converters serve to minimize energy consumption, eliminate odors and maximize food quality. With the capacity to cook up to 40 16-in., fresh-dough pizzas per hr. with minimal countertop space requirements, the Double Batch does not require Type I or II ventilation. Double throughput by stacking, meaning 4 cavities in 1 small, ventless footprint. Store up to 128 recipes (64 per cavity) and use a split-screen capacitive-touch interface to manage both ovens simultaneously.

The light-duty, medium-capacity, high-quality Model 1025F2A commercial microwave oven provides 5 power levels, 3 cooking stages, 60 min. max cooking time, 100 auto programs and 1000W of power to cover most product demands. Touchpad and electronic dial controls with braille navigation combined with on-door menu guide simplify operations, while the EZ Grab-and-Go door handle makes food access a snap. The interior accommodates a platter up to 12-in. diameter and containers up to 6-in. tall.

Each of the sealed wells in this electric hot table has a corner drain and an independent control recessed below so they won’t get knocked. Sturdy tubular legs frame an undershelf that is fully adjustable up and down. The full length, 8-in.D support shelf on the front has a removable poly cutting board. Constructed with 22-ga. stainless body and 20-ga. stainless top with galvanized legs and shelf (stainless upgrade on legs and shelf available). Order 2- to 5-well models, 3-well model SW-3E-120 shown.
Advance Tabco

T&S’s EC-3142 sensor faucet decreases the spread of germs and offers water and energy savings by reducing water use by up to 1 gal. per handwashing. Ideal applications include lavatory sinks and other areas where hygiene and water conservation are important considerations. The freshly styled sensor faucet includes above-deck electronics with a point-of-use temperature mixing handle and comes standard with a 2.2-gpm vandal-resistant aerator.
T&S Brass

Manitowoc’s D-Series ice storage bins have side grips molded into the door to allow easy access to the ice. Open the bin door with 1 hand; it’s self-latching so it stays in the open position when you access ice. The bins sport an artic blue polyurethane liner with foam insulation; they’re wrapped with DuraTech metal finish, an aluminum alloy combining the aesthetic appeal of stainless with a higher corrosion resistance. Each bin comes with an ergonomic, NSF-certified sanitary ice scoop.

Go ahead and splash around it, spill stuff on it, even submerge it. The BRAVO! BRV-160W waterproof digital scale can handle almost anything your busy kitchen can ask of it. It can be field recalibrated and has an oversized stainless platform standard and a large LCD display. Display options include: 10 lb. x 0.05 oz.; 160 oz. x 0.05 oz.; 160 oz x ⅛ oz.; 5000 g x 1 g; 10 lb. x 0.002 lb.; 160 fl. oz. x 0.05 fl. oz.; and 5000 ml. x 1 ml. It is powered by UL/CUL/CE-approved dual-voltage AC power supply or 2 AA batteries with an auto shut-off.
Edlund/Ali Group

Combining the consistency and style of a traditional pizza deck oven with the speed and convenience of a conveyor oven, the Volare 82,000-Btu oven features dual electrically powered rotating ceramic decks that are individually controlled by a patented heat transfer system (lower heat is transmitted by induction, the upper heat by radiation), providing consistent results. The ceramic decks allow chefs to place food directly on the surfaces, while the large heat-resistant front glass opening grants easy accessibility and ability to monitor cooking accuracy. The dual decks bake up to 160 medium-sized (12-in.) or 72 large (18-in.) pizzas per hr.
Sierra Range/MVP Group

Nor-Lake introduces its redesigned AdvantEDGE sandwich/salad prep tables, which now feature a standard condenser filter screen that is removable without tools for easy condenser coil cleaning, resulting in peak efficiency and extended equipment life. Other features include a front-breathing refrigeration system design for 0-clearance installation on sides and back, an enclosed drop-in section area for keeping food items stored in pans consistently cold and locking adapter bars to hold pans in place. Mega top models with an extra row of pans also are available.

The Scrap Collector (S914) and Pot/ Pan Scrap Collector (P914) product lines now come standard with patented exclusive operator sensor technology. There are 2 additional modes of operation. Auto Start mode puts the Collector into standby if the operator leaves for longer than 4 sec., using no water and negligible electricity. Water Saving mode uses only 0.5 gpm of fresh water if the operator leaves and includes an adjustable timer that shuts down the Collector if the operator doesn’t return.
Salvajor Co.

Provider of high-flow modular filtration systems for the beverage/ foodservice industry, Selecto technology offers value and safe, best-tasting ingredient water for hot and cold beverages, carbonation and steamers. Make the flavor pop in fountain drinks and hot beverages like brewed coffee, espresso and hot tea and iced tea. Its filtration systems for ice machines ensure good taste for everything from drinking water and soft drinks to cocktails. Its systems remove contaminants that form scale in equipment, providing longer, more cost-effective service from any kitchen equipment that uses water, including dishmachines.

Turbo Air’s Super Deluxe Series solid-door undercounters boast stainless exterior and interior with heavy-duty stainless shelves. All models are equipped with the self-cleaning condenser, digital temperature control and polyurethane insulated cabinet. Also included is the LED interior lighting and fan control (except drawer models). Environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants fuel the Super Deluxe Series. Refrigerator holds 33°F to 39°F, and freezer holds -10°F to 0°F. Various sizes are available.
Turbo Air


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HostMilano Kicks Off in Italy

HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

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