PRODUCTS: September 2018


As the saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” But in those cases when you’re out of the kitchen to drop off catering and can’t bring the flame, the Sterno SpeedHeat still brings the heat. “The majority of the corporate catering clients we deliver to don’t permit open flame,” says Thad Smith, Executive Chef of Sterno. “This restricts the kinds of menu options we can offer to room-temperature or cold food. The SpeedHeat product will allow us to offer higher margin hot menu items and do so in the safest way possible.” The flameless heating system comprises SpeedHeat packets added to each of the tray’s 2 reservoirs that are filled with water to activate the packets, generating heat in less than 1 min. and continuing to heat for up to 45 min. Filled food pans placed over the steaming packets stay at an ideal serving temperature for up to 30 min. “For our corporate catering events we simply did not offer menu items that required a warming source, such as a traditional, disposable, wire-rack chafers,” adds Smith. “The SpeedHeat system will allow us to expand our corporate catering menu and the level of service we can provide our customers.”
Sterno Products

Genius Pan inserts help reduce food waste and keep menu ingredients on your prep line or salad bar looking fresh and full. By rotating the tab on the top of the pan, the system pushes the bottom of the pan up bringing ingredients to the top. The containers are easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, dishwasher safe, and fit standard sizes, making it easy to swap out with existing containers. Clear, black and metallic silver pans are available. NSF certified.
Genius Pan

Vinotemp’s undercounter 41-bottle wine cooler, part of its Private Reserve Series, comes with interior lighting (Amber, Vinotemp BioBlu or Heliotrope) and stainless gliding wine racks that cradle bottles so the labels of the wine stored are front-facing. Other equipment highlights include a vibration-damping design; low energy consumption; low noise; front-breathing system for easy installation; and customized temperature control (41°F-64°F). The series also includes 188-bottle and 141-bottle wine coolers.

Advance Tabco’s aluminum pizza pan and dough box racks come fully welded and ready to use. Capacity choices are 12 round or square pans, 7 boxes or 14 boxes; choose from an aluminum top or no top. Half-size racks have a capacity of 10 full/20 half-size pans and either an aluminum top, poly top or stainless top. All models front load and come with casters.
Advance Tabco

VerTerra Dinnerware From Fallen Leaves comprises disposable products made of leaves and water; the company doesn’t harvest trees or cut any down for the line. Now you can amp up your marketing by adding your logo to the plates and boxes. The company uses a laser to heat, not burn, the palm material to ensure nothing affects the taste of the food.
VerTerra Dinnerware

Ideal for made-to-order applications, the JS-1000 Jet Steamer uses bursts of steam to quickly and efficiently prepare small portions of a wide range of foods, including eggs, oatmeal, rice, vegetables, seafood and soups. The power and temperature of the steam inside the unit’s steaming cup creates a vacuum that mixes and heats foods faster than traditional methods— from scrambled eggs in 12 sec. to tortellini in 45 sec. The user-friendly touchscreen interface enables you to pre-program cooking times for different menu items. Ideal for cooking individual portions fast and to order.

Use KitchenConnect’s dashboard to unlock equipment information and optimize the operation of your kitchen. The digital service offers solutions by managing reports, assets, menu, quality and service. It provides real-time insights, allowing for better equipment performance reducing costs and food waste, improving work flow and food quality, and limiting downtime. KitchenConnect has an open approach—it allows you to connect equipment from companies other than Welbilt; additionally, Welbilt equipment can be connected through other already existing or preferred platforms.

Globe’s S-Series line of premium heavy-duty slicers has a removable knife option. The removable knife package is available at time of purchase for all models in the series. Package includes a knife removal tool, allowing easy knife removal and more access to the base unit for thorough cleaning. Knife is secured in the tool for operator protection. Knife and removal tool are dishmachine-safe for quick, easy cleaning and sanitation.
Globe Food Equipment/Middleby

Ideal for fine-dining operations, Copper Glow sports a dark, coppery-red shade; it’s different from the shade usually associated with natural copper. This gives the tableware an elegant appearance while at the same time allowing it to pair well with other copper objects such as cutlery, accessories or decorative items. CoverSeal surface finish is abrasion resistant and durable; plates are microwaveable. Choose from 3 decorative options.
Villeroy & Boch

The Dixie Ultra SmartStock Automated Napkin Dispenser targets waste reduction and manages portion control by dispensing an operator-selected pre-set number of napkins per patron or order size. The dispenser also increases food safety because it has fewer touch points, is easy to maintain thanks to an LED light refill indicator, and comes with the option of adding a custom look for brand or message delivery.
Georgia-Pacific Professional

Henny Penny’s F5 Open Fryer moves frying beyond finger-licking to finger-swiping with a touchscreen interface and custom-built operating system. The icon- and picture-based controls and built-in help-guides simplify operation, maintenance and ultimately training. Not just simplified but strengthened, the F5 has a durable 4-mm-thick glass touchscreen, ultra-efficient oil-management system and a powerful filter pump system designed to prevent clogging and improve speed.
Henny Penny

Equipped with a UltraVent or Ultra-Vent Plus recirculating hood, certain SelfCookingCenter models can now be placed in view of customers in your display kitchen. That’s because the UltraVent absorbs and dissipates steam, while the UltraVent Plus adds special filters that capture grease and smoke from grilling and roasting. Models are available for Electric or Combi-Duo ovens.
Rational USA

With just 1 pump, the wall-mounted EvoOne single-dosing unit dispenses the exact amount of concentrated chemical directly into sinks, bottles, buckets and other containers, without a waterline connection. The compact unit has premium seals designed for more-aggressive, super-concentrated chemicals. An optional tamper-proof closed cap system ensures safety and accuracy.
Hydro Systems/Dover

Unified Brands’ app allows users to view its equipment lines through augmented reality, with digital animation and computer-generated visuals viewed through an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. Viewers can see high-resolution 3D images of a continuous-motion warewashing machine, braising pan, prep table and other kitchen equipment in 360- mode or a “play animation” feature that allows them to interact with the equipment.
Unified Brands

But that’s OK, if you have Vollrath’s Modular Induction Dry Well Drop-Ins, which use induction technology to hold hot foods at precise temperatures in a waterless well. No water means no refilling and no risk of steam burns. Each well contains 2 induction capsules for separate warming zones that can operate independently or be synced and run through a single control panel. Adjustable nylon risers accommodate 21/2-in. and 4-in. pan depths. A range of safety features are available as well.

Everything hot from soup to coffee to simply steaming water will go with the flow in the 501-2SMP faucet by Tomlinson. The plastic faucet handles temperatures up to 194°F, flow rates up to 3.33 gpm and pressures up to 15 psi. Suitable for large institutional urns, stock pots, kettles and liquid containers, the faucet’s G-¾-in. threads are 1⅙-in.-long. Washers and jam nuts are optional.
Tomlinson Industries

The deliciousness of the food may come in a close second when served up in the Fresco line of rice bowls and noodle bowls featuring saturated interior shades of icy-cool blue, citrusy-sharp lemongrass and warming goldenrod contrasted with earthy matte exteriors. Designed in collaboration with potter John Britt, the unique swirled design of the ceramic bowls is created through multiple stains in the glazing process for the look and feel of handcrafted originals. The bowls are available in small and large sizes.
Homer Laughlin

Voltea’s DiUse System, run with its CapDI technology, “tunably” removes salt and other minerals from water, allowing your operation’s coffee, cappuccino and espresso to taste its best. DiUse softens and purifies brackish water sources such as municipal, tap and fresh water for commercial businesses at an advantage to traditional desalination technologies as a result of it being a salt-free, chemical-free, tunable alternative.

Hestan has introduced large convection ovens to meet the demands of customers looking for increased production capability. The energy-efficient ovens provide consistent results at a larger oven capacity than previous models. With a low-profile convention fan system, they have a small back-to-front footprint that ensures they line up with the rest of Hestan’s heavy-duty line.


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HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

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