The Truth About That Cobb Salad

There’s a new online education module available from the Food and Drug Administration to help the foodservice industry, regulators, and consumers to better understand what’s required under menu labeling rules that officially kicked in last May.

This new online tool includes information on compliance and fact sheets on menu labeling. The module is part of FDA’s plan to spend the first year of implementation focusing on education, outreach, and working with establishments to help them comply with the new regulations.

See the new online module at


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Mici Handcrafted Italian Signs First Franchise Deal

The brand announced it signed its first franchise deal with Black Bear Diner and Smashburger franchisees Lucas Farnham and David Doty to bring 30 Mici locations to the Phoenix market.

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New CaliBurger Location Goes Heavy on the Tech

The latest CaliBurger restaurant is coming with a cook already in the kitchen.

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