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Green Beans Coffee, based in San Rafael, Calif., has served guests cold brew coffee as part of its full menu for about 12 years, long before all the buzz. “We just always thought cold brew coffee tasted better than hot coffee chilled,” says Preston Stohs, Director of Retail Operations for parent company Elevate Gourmet Brands. The 22-yr.-old chain operates 25 stores, including licensees, in the U.S. and another 50 internationally; many of its international stores operate in active conflict zones. Its mission: to provide 15 min. of home to everyone. Recently, nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee caught the group’s attention. To add it to the menu, they started out with a traditional kegerator system. “It was a challenge to get the right product consistency all the time,” Stohs says. “The product tasted good but it didn’t have the right mouth feel or the desired look we needed. Plus, the system was time and energy consuming; we had to shake kegs and roll them around.” Ready for a better way, Stohs and his team tested out BUNN’s Nitron Cold Draft in their highest-volume location, San Francisco Int’l. Airport. The plug-and-play countertop unit operates keg-free and has two taps, one for nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee and the other for still. The unit measures a slim 10-in.W x 28 2/5-in.D x 34-in.H and, depending on the operator’s needs, can pull from a BIB concentrate or a BUNN refillable container. BUNN’s High Intensity mixing chamber adds nitrogen at the point of dispersion. “That’s unique,” Stohs says, “and we use substantially less gas, which saves costs. Plus, the product tastes really fresh.” He adds that with the old kegerator system, nitrogen hit the cold brew 24 hr.-48 hr. before employees could serve it and that changed the flavor. Green Beans Coffee has added Nitron to 5 stores, 1 per store, and has orders in for more. It’s now on its permanent starting equipment list for new builds.

Adande refrigerated drawers gently drop cold air into the insulated storage inserts when the drawers are closed, and the cold air stays in the drawers when they’re opened. Change temps in 1°F increments at the push of a button from -7.6°F-59°F, from freezer to refrigerator. Place the modular units under workstations in single or double-stacked configurations and top with a solid surface or heat shield. Removable insulated containers make cleaning quick and easy.

Through its working partnerships with OEMs, Heritage Parts now offers MyEquipment360, an online mobile system for storing and tracking information on commercial kitchen equipment. Users can personalize their kitchen profiles to link to technical manuals and parts catalogs, record model and serial numbers and make notes on warranty and repair information. Share the information with multiple service technicians at different sites. Set up filters by individual equipment or location.
Heritage Parts

Winterhalter’s UC Series undercounter warewashers act as 1 machine for 4 different applications. Customize the machine to your needs; use it as a glasswasher, dishwasher, cutlery washer or bistro warewasher in 1 of 4 sizes: S, M, L or XL. Each UC comes with variable water pressure as standard. VarioPower adjusts the washing pressure precisely to the type of wash items and how dirty they are. Recently, the company completely redesigned the series for reduced water consumption and chemical costs and to save energy, as well as more user-friendly features, such as a smart touch display that’s easy to operate even when wearing gloves. Use CONNECTED WASH to connect with the dishmachine through computer or mobile device.

Built for the high demands of chains, Pro Series Griddle sports solid construction and increased temperature accuracy. The griddle includes high carbon AR50 (abrasion resistant) plates, which are ideal for longer service life in harsh conditions and better heat transfer. Three embedded temperature sensing probes per burner ensure extremely accurate sensing; food cooks to the proper temperature across the entire griddle. The griddle boasts heavy-gauge stainless, sleek metal knobs and a fully welded sub frame. Use the digital temperature control to adjust temperature levels; each burner is individually controlled for higher product yields.
Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment

Restaurant Technologies has released an ebook that shares fire prevention tips. The first section identifies risks, such as combustion involving cooking equipment, electrical considerations, unresolved exhaust complications, and employee neglect. The second section covers prevention, i.e. preventative maintenance checklist and staff training. Roughly 8,000 foodservice businesses report an incident of fire each year, according to the company.
Restaurant Technologies

Follett 7 and 15 Series Sparkling models dispense ice as well as chilled still water or chilled sparkling water as a healthy alternative to sugary sodas. The dispensers are available with 7 lb. or 15 lb. of ice storage and produce up to 125 lb. of chewable Chewblet ice per day in addition to water dispensing. None of the models require a drain, making for versatile, easy installation.

While white-on-white tableware is elegant and chic, the Foam line of dishes adds a new twist to plain white. By incorporating a bubbled texture into the decoration, the plates, bowls and cups also hide any thumbprints that would distract from an otherwise smooth surface. Foam is part of the Dudson Fine China range, which combines the delicacy of fine bone china with the durability (dishwasher and microwave safe) of vitrified tableware.

Berkel’s 829E-Plus 1-speed, ½- hp manual gravity-feed slicer is seamlessly finished in stainless and anodized aluminum and disassembles quickly for cleaning. Slices large roasts, deli goods and cheeses that are up to 11-in.W and 8½-in.H (or 8½-in. in diameter) from tissue-thin to ⅝-in. thick on the 45°-angle product carriage. Slicer dimensions are 23-in.W x 26½-in.D x 22½-in.H. Two-stone knife sharpener is top-mounted and provides a razor edge to the 14-in.-diameter, chromium-plated, carbon-steel blade (380 rpm, 4 amps). The knife ring guard is permanent and tapered and covers the nonslicing portion of the knife edge even when the center plate is removed; it’s designed to make the space behind the knife easy to clean.
Berkel/ITW FEG

Installation, set-up and operation are at your fingertips with the 2.8-in., icon-based easyTouch display featured on the Indigo NXT ice machine. One-touch access to asset information, service menu, reminders and alerts simplify programming everything from operation during off-peak energy times to water usage to a tamper-resistant display lock. The optional built-in LuminIce II device makes sure the food zone is hygienic, while overall design ensures easy access to maintenance areas. Plus, it’s energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Traulsen G-Series “Dealer’s Choice” reach-in refrigerators and freezers offer a selection of door options, including number (1, 2 or 3), height (full or half) and hinge placement (left or right). Standard features include microprocessor control with LED temp readout; top-mounted, balanced, self-contained refrigeration system; stainless doors and anodized aluminum sides and interiors; and thermostatic expansion valve metering device for quick refrigeration recovery times.
Traulsen/ITW FEG

MULTIMAX combi makes work in the kitchen easy as a result of its 5-in. display screen and multi-cooking capabilities that replace several pieces of equipment. This combi stores up to 99 recipes. The Live Steam System monitors and controls precision steaming and features dynamic pause times that produce baked goods with a golden crust and delicious smoked meats and sous-vide dishes. The Multi-Eco System uses up to 42% less water and the Live Steam System reduces energy consumption up to 46%. Steam Protection System saves energy and provides safer operation by automatically extracting steam from the cooking chamber once the cooking process is complete. The MULTIMAX is available in several sizes that allow for use of 6 to 20 18 x 26 pans.
Eloma/Ali Group


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HostMilano Kicks Off in Italy

HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

Oil’s Sweet Spot: How to Get There and Maintain It

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