Four Award Winners At Sirha

Capic’s Plancha Plasma PMD ushers in a new generation of heating solutions. Ultra-efficient, its power consumption is significantly reduced: up to 67% power savings thanks to adjustment per zone (50 to 250 °C). The PMD system makes it possible to reach 200° C within 6 minutes and to control the temperature accuracy within one degree.


Enodis offers a Catering Circle designed for on-site catering. The modular mobile kitchen system is composed of different units that can be fitted together easily in different configurations to adapt to the space available. Features an integrated extraction system and technology that records the processes in a safe manner.


Friginox’s Multifunction Mobile Cabinet can keep the dishes and products cold (+1° C) or warm (+80° C). Depending on the needs of the moment it is easy to change the location and function of the cabinet in no time.


Sofinor’s Adjustable Height Table eliminates the need to bend over or stand on a booster step to work. The table adapts via a voice-command electrical system that adjusts the height of the legs. The table is also designed so that persons with reduced mobility can work comfortably.


McDonalds Canada 1200x800 1

McDonald’s Canada Is Getting Rid of Plastic Cutlery, Stir Sticks and Straws by December

McDonald’s Canada is saying goodbye to plastic cutlery (except its McFlurry spoons), stir sticks and straws and replacing them with wooden and paper alternatives by December.

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1 Product 4 Ways: Planchas Bring the Heat

Planchas, though convincing clones of their better-known sister product the griddle, quickly set themselves apart.

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