PRODUCTS: May 2019


Halton’s MobiChef, a plug-and-play mobile cooking station, allows Chef Marta Cebrian Lopez, culinary consultant and owner of MCL Food Consulting, to communicate with clients more easily than if she was working in a closed kitchen—or even a display kitchen. “MobiChef enables more interaction with customers, who are always curious to see what the station is and what I can do with it,” Lopez says. “I like to show them that it’s just a normal kitchen on wheels.” The station comprises a fryer, one griddle and two induction cooktops. Lopez uses it to conduct demos at certain Halton events, in its trade show booths or for other special occasions. “It gives me the flexibility to service events in a very relaxed way, as I don’t have to change my way of cooking, I just have to move it as if it was a piece of furniture.” The unit also is equipped with side tables, where Lopez plates the dishes she cooks, and she stores seasonings and herbs on top of the station. MobiChef includes Halton’s Capture Jets on its top and sides; the jets create an air curtain, which captures all smoke and odors released from cooking and steers it toward filters. “Everything that I need is just around me and it helps me organize better than working in a big kitchen,” she adds. “I don’t have to run around for tools.”

Whether used to expand an existing setup or add a second drink station, this high-volume mobile bar takes service to the customer. The stainless work top, back and sides provide a durable area for mixing cocktails, while the 12-ft. mica laminate bar top offers plenty of serving surface. Dual speed rails hold up to 10 bottles with additional space for bottles in deep wells at either end of the work top. Glass racks store in the open shelf, and dual insulated ice bins with drains and shut-off valves keep lots of ice on hand.
Advance Tabco

Replacing the SC-200 and DH-65 models, the new SC-300 electric smoker can smoke, roast or serve as a holding oven. It features dual wood chip boxes on either side of the smoker. An optional steam system can replace one smoke element in the cabinet. The improved control allows either smoke elements, or the smoke and steam element, to be turned on or off independently. This allows the ability to select any combination of heat, smoke and steam, if applicable. Full sheet pans fit onto the five adjustable racks, and vertical rib racks are available to boost capacity. New service panels and component assembly aid in servicing, while a larger grease drain pan makes for easier cleaning.
Southern Pride

The Steelheart series of upright refrigerators and freezers now comes with top and bottom half glass doors that can be field reversed left or right quickly without tools. The lockable, energy-efficient doors have full-length chrome handles and spring-assist hinges that hold the doors open at 90° yet self-close at 75°. The cold cabinets include three adjustable epoxy-coated wire shelves. Both the 55-in.W double-section and the 271/2-in.W single-section models are only 79 1/2-in.H on 4-in. casters, allowing them to roll through doorways and into place.
Hoshizaki America

Light in color and weight, Gala dinnerware brings elegance to dining. Made in the U.S., it combines sleek design, a range of shapes and strong, alumina-infused Ameriwhite bodies with chip resistance and heat retention. The discreet edges add design flair and strength. Wide-rim styles maximize the appearance of portion size, while mid-rim models offer more plating surface.
Homer Laughlin

Designed for grab-and-go, by-the-slice pizza service, these Roman-style rectangular pizza al taglio pans are constructed of heavy 12-ga. anodized aluminum. An application of PSTK coating provides a permanent, stick-resistant, non-rust surface that doesn’t need seasoning. The pans are 2-cm.D with double-thick folded rims and are offered in full-size and half-size with complementary cutting boards.

From delicate tomatoes to dense potatoes, the upgraded InstaCut 5.1 comes standard with an easy-change, pop-in/pop-out assembly with serrated blades that require 50% less force than straight blades. Additional blade accessories can be interchanged for dicing, slicing, wedging and cutting. The easy-to-clean improved pusher block now includes a cleaning tool that stows in the pusher block assembly. Designed to fit ⁄and size pans up to 6-in.H, the base includes a 5-in.-sq. cutting area.
Vollrath Co.


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HostMilano Kicks Off in Italy

HostMilano, one of the largest foodservice equipment shows in the world, kicked off today in Italy, and FER is on location.

Henny Penny

Oil’s Sweet Spot: How to Get There and Maintain It

Like many in the world of foodservice, you may assume that cooking oil performance is at its peak when you first start using it — but did you know there...

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