NRA Show 2019 Photo Gallery: Automation

The assembly lines invented by Henry Ford well over a century ago have nothing on the automation innovations being unveiled at the NRA Show. Robot servers, sushi-making machines and fully programmable pizza ovens are only the beginning. The show floor offers hundreds of examples.

More photo galleries from the show:

Delivery & Off-Premise→
On the Show Floor→

Autonetics Universe Robot

Autonetics Universe shows off a robot that can help your business. Think receptionist, waiter/server, cashier, etc.

Bear Robotics' Penny

Who doesn’t love automation when it saves you labor? Bear Robotics’ Penny shuttles food from kitchen to tables and back.

Concordia/Middleby gives you automation in the form of a super automatic espresso machine. Push a button and the machine will crank out gourmet bean-to-cup beverages. It’s a Starbucks in a box.

Morello Forni’s rotary gas oven brings automation to a type of oven that traditionally has required a skilled employee’s attention.

Suzumo’s roll sushi making machine SVR-NXA

Why are you still hand-rolling sushi? Suzumo’s roll sushi making machine SVR-NXA automatically forms sushi rolls.


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