New Podcast: Setting Up Planned Maintenance Programs


JR Weber, director of sales at General Parts, gives his top tips on working with clients to set up effective planned maintenance programs. Greg Smith, training and safety manager for EMR, finds an operator has successfully altered a slicer to match the electrical. And techs from Clark Service Group, Gary's East Coast Service, Smart Care Equipment Solutions and CFESA share their best customer service advice.

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Service Calls is a podcast for foodservice equipment service technicians—the techs on the truck—brought to you by Heritage Parts in partnership with Foodservice Equipment Reports. Listen as you drive between service calls to hear timely need-to-know updates about foodservice equipment, practical tips to help jobs go smoothly, real-life tales from techs in the field and more. 



New Podcast: Preparing for a Disaster

Service Calls checks in with Chris Evans, service manager at Gary’s East Coast Service, on how service technicians can best prepare for a disaster, whether it’s a flood, ice storm...

New Podcast: The Best Ways To Service High-Tech Equipment

From touch-screens to Wi-Fi capabilities, foodservice equipment continues to evolve. Duffy’s AIS gives a couple tips for techs when it comes to keeping up with smart equipment.

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