Burger King To Pour $400M Into Its Stores  

The “Reclaim the Flame” plan will support kitchen equipment upgrades, store remodels, digital investments and more.  

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Burger King announces it will invest $400 million into its restaurants over the next two years. Courtesy of Ismail Hadine on Unsplash.

Burger King announced today it will pour hundreds of millions of dollars into its restaurants as part of a new “Reclaim the Flame” plan to modernize stores and drive growth.

Through the plan, Burger King will invest $400 million over the next two years, consisting of $150 million in advertising and digital investments and $250 million to support restaurant technology, kitchen equipment, building enhancements and “high-quality” remodels and relocations.

The $250 million plan involves investing $50 million in capital, alongside a comparable co-investment from franchisees, to update approximately 3,000 restaurants. The additional $200 million will fund approximately 800 restaurant remodel projects.

Burger King says the plan was built in collaboration with franchisee leaders from across the country and is endorsed by more than 93% of U.S. restaurants. It was shared with U.S. franchisees this week at the brand’s annual convention by Tom Curtis, president of Burger King North America.

“Ultimately, the success of this ‘Reclaim the Flame’ plan comes down to execution at the restaurant level, and we are so fortunate to have franchisees who love this brand and are working closely with us to focus on the right priorities. I believe in this team, this plan and a bright future as we evolve and enhance our guest experience and drive profitable growth for the business,” says Curtis in a press release.


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