Roy Rogers To Unify, Modernize Restaurants With Prototype Remodel

The new design incorporates updated technology to improve efficiency and speed of service.

Roy Rogers Restaurants Prototype remodel 1200x800 1
Roy Rogers Restaurants is updating its stores through a prototype remodel that it says sets the foundation for a new generation of demand. Courtesy of Roy Rogers Restaurants.

Western-themed quick-service chain Roy Rogers Restaurants is taking steps to unify and modernize its stores, which have been built during different decades over the last 50 years and incorporate different design trends, through a prototype remodel.

The new design features key investments in remodeling and technology initiatives to drive brand growth and improve efficiency, speed of service and customer convenience, according to the brand. The remodeled locations include new electronic menu boards, LED lighting,  enhancements to third-party delivery and an “elevated” drive-thru experience. Drive-thru sales currently make up 60% of the brand’s sales mix, up from around 50% pre-pandemic.

As for the aesthetic changes, Roy Rogers says the redesign keeps the brand’s “look and feel” but with a modern twist using natural wood, neutral colors and warm lighting.

The 42-unit brand has implemented the prototype remodel at 10 locations and says it has funded plans to revamp several locations next year.


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