MAFSI Barometer Rises Moderate 3.5% In Second Quarter

Manufacturers’ reps’ sales rose 3.5% in the second quarter 2017 compared to the second quarter last year, according to the latest MAFSI Business Barometer. The second quarter increase follows an even slower 3.3% gain the first quarter. The four quarter moving average for the Barometer, going back to the third quarter 2016, has fallen to 3.7%. It was 4.4% for the four quarters of 2016 and 4.9% for 2015.

“Whereas the MBB had been advancing at the rate of 4% to 5% over the past three years,” wrote Michael Posternak, principal at PBAC & Associates, in his commentary, “it now has settled into a less vibrant range of 3% to 4%.” And noting that the reps forecast a 3.5% gain the third quarter this year, he adds, “a new plateau is being established.”

For the major E&S product categories, sales rose 3.6% for both equipment and tabletop products. Furnishings sales were up 2.7% while durable supplies posted a gain of 2.6%.  MAFSI is now polling the reps about janitorial and sanitation products. Sales of janitorial equipment rose 2.4%, janitorial supplies were up 1.9% and disposable products were off 1.1%.

Among the regions, the market in Canada remains robust with sales increasing 6.3%. In the U.S., sales rose 4.1% in the south, 3.8% in the Northeast, 2.6% in the Midwest, and only 1.8% in the West.

In spite of the moderate sales and forecasts, the forward-looking indicators in the Barometer remain very positive. Asked about the level of quotation activity, 46% of those surveyed said they are seeing more RFPs while only 16% are seeing less, for a differential of 30 points. Asked about consultant activity, 33% are seeing more, while only 9% are seeing less, or a differential of 24 points. Both measures are very similar to the first quarter.

MAFSI also began charting a new Barometer Index, based on a number of factors in the Barometer. The Index stood at 118.7 in the second quarter, down from a record high of 133.3 in the first quarter this year. The base year for the Index, set at 100, is the first quarter 2002, when the Barometer was launched.

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