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A Wood Stone Mt. St. Helens grill is the centerpiece of the display kitchen at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, a collection of contemporary-polished restaurants. "A vast majority of menu items served to our guests comes through that piece of equipment," says Executive Chef Steve Sturm, pointing to the menu's steak and seafood as well as vegetables. "It creates a show for our guests. Its flame is visible in the majority of the restaurants' dining rooms and guests can see our grill experts working." Sturm says the company started out using a grill hat worked well, but when they moved it to the front of the cookline, facing guests, it didn't create enough of a show. It was a box-type grill and cooks had to prepare menu items directly over the fire. But with the Wood Stone grill, the fire sits up against the rear of the unit, closest to guests, creating visual appeal. Cooks rake coals forward and prepare items over those. The heat-sink-style firebox is cast from dense high-temperature ceramic and comes with a stainless exterior, wood storage cabinet base and casters. Based in Charlotte, N.C., Firebirds operates 49 restaurants through the U.S.

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