Ace Mart Acquires Big Plate Restaurant Supply

Photo courtesy of Ace Mart.

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply announced June 11 the acquisition of Big Plate Restaurant Supply in Lubbock, Texas.

In 2005, Big Plate Restaurant Supply was established and has been locally owned and operated since then. For over 17 years, Big Plate has serviced the Lubbock foodservice community with knowledgeable and dependable employees and expanding inventory.

Owner Joe Nuckolls shares in a press release, “When Big Plate opened back in 2005, I needed a supplier. Fortunately, I was able to connect with Ace Mart Restaurant Supply out of San Antonio, Texas. Their family was instrumental in our initial startup, selling to us at prices we couldn’t get anywhere else. That enabled us to sell at competitive prices and give us the opportunity to stay in business. Now we are deepening our relationship with Ace Mart Restaurant Supply, and that is going to benefit all of our customers in so many ways.”

The acquisition further signals Ace Mart’s intent to expand into northwest Texas. Big Plate Restaurant Supply will join Ace Mart to continue supporting the customers they have developed relationships with and will now have greater access to inventory to serve their longtime customers.


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