Green Restaurant Association Dishes Awards

From the greenest restaurant, located in Calabasas, Calif., to the greenest airport, located on the opposite coast, the 2023 honorees have been announced.


The Green Restaurant Association has announced the recipients of the 2023 Green Restaurant Awards.

“I applaud all of the 2023 Green Restaurant Award winners on their commitment to reducing their environmental impact,” said Michael Oshman, CEO and founder of the GRA in the announcement. “These Certified Green Restaurants, organizations and employees have set an example for others across North America to follow. By taking great environmental leadership in the restaurant industry, the 2023 Green Restaurant Award winners are proving it’s possible for any restaurant, organization, or employee to dramatically improve their environmental footprint today.”

Those honored were as follows:

  • Greenest Restaurant: MUSE Cafeteria in Calabasas, Calif.
  • Greenest Airport Terminal: John F. Kennedy Airport T4 in Queens, New York
  • Greenest Airport Contractor: OTG
  • Greenest Airport: John F. Kennedy Airport
  • Greenest University: Northeastern University
  • Greenest K-12 Contractor: Flik Hospitality
  • Greenest Chain: Arooga’s Grille House and Sports Bar
  • Greenest Food Contractor: Aramark
  • Reusables & Green Disposables: Chauncey’s Choice at Coastal Carolina University
  • Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy: Carvers’ Café at Mt. Rushmore
  • Sustainable Food: MUSE Cafeteria
  • Chemical & Pollution Reduction: Putnam Dining at UConn
  • Waste Reduction: Whitney Dining at UConn
  • Water Conservation: McMahon Dining at UConn
  • Green Employee Leader: Monalisa Prasad, Chartwells national director of sustainability

To learn more about the Green Restaurant Association and certified restaurants, visit



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