1 Product, 4 Ways: Stay Safe With Hand Sinks

It’s always important—and required—to provide hand-washing stations for your employees, but through a pandemic, even more so. Hand sinks may appear simple, but there are plenty of features to consider when outfitting your station. Makers offer mobile units, to support kiosks for example, along with standard models that mount to a wall. Here are some of the more recent models from four makers.

1. Protected

Side splashes on Advance Tabco’s 7-PS-59 keeps water from splattering outside the hand-washing area. Place it closer to your food prep area, for example. (Check local codes first.) Containing splashes also could help keep the floor less slippery.


2. Touch-Free

Eagle Group’s #HSA-10-FE-B-TNB-MG boasts an electronic-eye faucet that conserves water and minimizes contamination. Other features include the Microgard antimicrobial-protected surface and a splash-mounted nail brush holder.


3. Mobile

Put hand-washing right where you need it with the John Boos MHS Mobile Hand Wash Station. The unit comes with heavy-duty 5-inch locking casters, in addition to the drop-in sink, faucet, and soap and paper towel dispensers.


4. Custom

Modify Lakeside’s Mobile Hand Washing Station to meet your needs. Options include vinyl or laminate finishes, a deluxe-fold towel dispenser, extra supply and waste water tanks, and stainless caster skirting.



Knowing your menu and capacity will help you select the best bowl size for your three-compartment sink. What you’re cooking dictates what types of wares you’ll wash, and you’ll need a bowl size large enough to completely submerge them. Courtesy of Advance Tabco.

How To Specify a Three-Compartment Sink

Study materials, construction and bowl sizes when specifying an off-the-shelf three-compartment sink.

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