Notes From CFESA: NRA Mixer, Warewashing Training Class


This is your invitation to register a technician for the first-ever Warewashing Training class at the CFESA Global Training Facility. The June 18-22 class has room for 30 participants.

There are three manufacturers taking part in the course: American Dish Service, Jackson WWS, and MEIKO

If you are interested, please act fast as the seats are limited. For complete course information and registration, follow the link below:




1021 Mixers MAIN ARTICLE Globe i xJ99MBH X2WEB

Mixing it Up—What to Look for in a Countertop Mixer

The countertop mixer is the Swiss Army knife of the kitchen—small but mighty, with the power to perform various functions.

Mixer Muscle

Thunderbird’s 60-qt. ARM-60 heavy-duty, all-purpose mixer uses a powerful, planetary mixing action to thoroughly blend, mix and aerate all ingredients with consistent and predictable results. The wide-faced, hardened alloy steel...

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